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Top 5 Best Beveled Mirror For Bathroom – A Buyer’s Guide

beveled mirror for bathroom pinNowadays, mirrors have become an essential part of the interior of a bathroom. Varieties of mirrors are produced to fulfill the customers’ demand. 

With the countless options available in the market, choosing the right mirror for your bathroom can prove to be a rather tricky task. In this comprehensive guide, we gaze deeper into bathroom mirrors to help you pick the right one.

Now, can you use any random mirrors in the bathroom?

No, it is recommended not to use any casual mirror in the bathroom. Bathroom mirrors are different from regular mirrors in several ways.  The bathroom is often full of moisture.

Traditional mirrors can not hold up to the humidity. Bathroom mirrors are not only a need. It has become a trend for lifestyle. With that on the mind, beveled mirrors are now the top pick of any interior of the bathroom. Wanna know more? Let’s check out!

A beveled mirror for the bathroom is a mirror with edges cut and polished to a specific angle and size. It produces an elegant, framed look of the mirror. The beveled mirror is typically made by creating an angled bevel or surface cut around the entire periphery. 

This process leaves the glass thinner around the edges of the mirror, while the large middle portion remains the standard 1/4″ thickness.

They need a slope of roughly one inch wide at their edges to catch the sunshine. It is the key behind the beveled mirror, creating interesting visual effects.

The bevels act as prisms that refract the daylight, splitting it into the colors of the rainbow. Beveled mirrors for the bathroom come in various sizes, shapes, & colors.

Flat or beveled mirror for bathroom?

Bathroom mirrors make a genuine difference depending on whether the glass is flat or beveled. The beveled mirrors have excluded the flat glass mirror design. The flat mirror is simpler and has many sizes.

On the other side, beveled glass is manufactured within the exact size to suit the mirror.

As a result, it is often costlier. Beveled glass mirrors highlight both the mirror and frame. So these are generally better quality than plain glass mirrors.

The glass utilized in a beveled glass mirror is additionally thicker. The thickness adds load as well as the quality of the mirror.

Bathroom mirror choice might be a personal preference. But if you want something which highlights the bathroom and harks of real quality, take a glance at beveled mirrors. You would possibly be surprised!

Is Beveled Mirror For Bathroom expensive?

Yes, beveled mirrors for bathrooms can be a bit costly. It is because of the labor & manufacturing cost.

Although it costs more than the traditional mirrors, you can still be assured of the quality. You will have the satisfaction that you got what you wanted.

Why should I use a beveled mirror for bathroom?

1. Looks do matter!

Beveled Mirrors are aesthetically superior to any other mirror. Their edges reflect and refract the sunshine, giving a rainbow effect.

2. Polished Edges

Beveled Mirrors don’t have sharp edges as they’re ground and polished on the periphery. Hence, these mirrors are safer to handle.

3. Framed or frameless mirror?

A bevel on the mirror gives the effect of a frame. Beveled mirrors could also be used without framing. Surprisingly, that does not compromise the aesthetics at all!

4. Antique!

Beveled mirrors require artisanship. They are hand-cut with pumice repeatedly. Antique beveled mirrors are pricey, and it’s a great idea to shop for them.

Moreover, their prices increase as they get old! So, this might be the only chance to brag with an old beveled mirror for the bathroom.

5. Space conscious

Beveled mirrors, as they reflect light better. So, when you buy a beveled mirror for bathroom, don’t forget to check the superior aesthetics.

6. Complements the bathroom

Nowadays, most people do not have a large bathroom. Beveled frameless mirrors make the bathroom look bigger and more spacious.

7. Safer

People who are concerned about safety should definitely go for Beveled mirrors. Beveled-edge is often considered safer. A plain glass usually has some smaller imperfections when it is cut.

The polishing and grinding of the edge eliminate those. Moreover, the creation of the slant further polishes the sharp corners and edges of the mirror. So you don’t have to worry about the sharp edges.

How to choose a beveled mirror for your bathroom?

The mirror top should be a few inches above the tallest user in the family. The mirror should be large enough vertically to allow everyone a decent reflection.

Also, the mirror should not be wider than the sink or vanity. It will help if you research to find the perfect bathroom mirror.

Frame or frameless mirror for bathroom? Here is our expert's opinion.

Both are effective for bathroom but frameless mirrors are a popular choice for bathrooms nowadays. There are a few reasons behind it. Firstly, they are less expensive while often still quite stylish.

Secondly, Frameless mirrors work most efficiently in a contemporary or modern bathroom. Lastly, frameless beveled mirrors for bathrooms take the minimalist spaces.

Beveled mirror for bathroom

Beveled mirrors give you lots of options to choose from. You can customize your mirror to your needs. You can go for a framed beveled mirror or a frameless beveled mirror for your bathroom. 

Are you confused with so many options? Here we recommend 5 beveled mirror for bathroom.

Howard Elliott Frameless Scalloped Hanging Wall Mirror

Top 5 Best Beveled Mirror For Bathroom – A Buyer’s Guide 1Size doesn’t matter!

If the beveled mirrors for bathrooms have made you dazzled & perplexed & you are unable to make a decision, you can go for this mirror!

With only a beveled edge and no frame, this beautiful accent mirror is elegant in its simplicity. It blends perfectly with any background. So, there is no tension of mismatch. Furthermore, it comes with several options, providing two colors, silver & oblong. 

With so many different designs and shapes, you can find a unique configuration that perfectly complements your bathroom. This variation of size & shape has encouraged the users to select their unique mirrors.

The size & shape has created a vast diversity. It ensures the demand of the customer without any question. This frameless mirror comes in both plain & scalloped style. 

The mirror is a beautiful yet simple focal point & is undoubtedly perfect for your bathroom. For added detail and interest, the mirror’s edge is beautifully beveled.

This mirror is also a solution if you are out of the room. This mirror comes in 12 inches size, which gives you a perfect view without taking much space in your bathroom.

D-rings are affixed to the back of the mirror, so it is ready to hang right out of the box. You can hang it in either a horizontal or vertical orientation quickly.

Color: Silver & Oblong

Size & Shape: Octagonal (22×28), Round (12-Inch),Square (16-inch),Asymmetrical (18 x 24),Arched (19 x 32),Octagonal (22×28),Oblong (24 x 32),Oval (24 x 36),Rectangle (24 x 36),Round (28-Inch),Square (36-inch),Fancy 36 x 30)

Large Framed Wall Mirror with Angled Beveled Mirror For Bathroom

Top 5 Best Beveled Mirror For Bathroom – A Buyer’s Guide 2A bathroom mirror with a guarantee

This is the perfect bathroom mirror if you can expand your budget. It is a 24″ x 36″ classy, angled, mirror framed mirror which can give your bathroom a sophisticated look.

This mirror is a 24″ x 36″ angled mirror framed where the edges gently slope towards the beveled center. For reinforcement and stability, the large glass mirror is backed by solid core wood.

As a result, it diminishes the possibility of damage. The wood backing includes the pre-installed slimline 1/4 inch hanging hardware hooks, which nullify the possibility of falling.

This rectangular mirror has only one color- sliver. However, it is a premium quality mirror. It has been made to strict trade-secret standards and passes a rigorous 8 point inspection. This framed bathroom mirror comes with a certification of authenticity. 

Reinforced D-ring hanging clips, as well as wall hardware and screws, comes along with this mirror. So, it does not need any extra effort to install.

1" Better Bevel Frameless Rectangle Beveled Mirror For Bathroom

Top 5 Best Beveled Mirror For Bathroom – A Buyer’s Guide 3Want an imported mirror?

This one is a heavy frameless mirror for the bathroom, which is available in different sizes. The finely crafted 1-inch bevel offers showroom quality & the polished edges ensure safe handling and a finished appearance.

This mirror has 1/4-inch thick glass that eliminates reflection distortion.

Furthermore, its premium silver backing improves durability in high-humidity environments. So, the temperature will not hamper the quality of the glass.

Innovative Z-bar mounting brackets with included screws and drywall anchors allow for easy, secure, ultra-flush installation.

The three loop-style hangers are secured to the back of the mirror to enable hanging either vertically or horizontally.

Hence, the weight is balanced without any risk factor. The hooks are positioned approximately 4.5-inches inside the top and sides of the mirror. As such, the hooks and screws are not visible once hung on the wall.

This mirror is designed, assembled, and packaged in the USA. Also, the company has ensured a guarantee for this product. 

Color: Crystal

Decor Wonderland Frameless Tri Beveled Mirror For Bathroom

Top 5 Best Beveled Mirror For Bathroom – A Buyer’s Guide 4The multidimensional mirror you need

If you need versatility in your frameless bathroom mirror & dimensions in your bathroom, this is the mirror you are looking for!

This mirror is crafted of thick, durable 3″/16″ glass and metal. The mixture of metal & glass has been used for long-lasting use and durability.

Also, this mirror features tri-bevel polished edges for a classic style wall-mounted accent mirror.

The dimension of this mirror measures 23. 6″ W x 0. 5″ D x 31. 5″. The metal used in this mirror is silver.

It is not only constructed of silver but also has a double coated silver backing that eliminates reflection distortion.

So there’s no funhouse effect when you’re checking your hair or applying make-up. What’s more, it also prevents corrosion in high humid spaces, like bathrooms.

This mirror has primarily been specialized for high moist places like the bathroom. 

This mirror is a dual-orientation mirror. Also, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth and water or window cleaner.

Color: This mirror does not come in any other shades than silver.

Hamilton Hills Large Squared Corner Beveled Mirror For Bathroom

Top 5 Best Beveled Mirror For Bathroom – A Buyer’s Guide 5Classic or Modern? Why not both!

This is a large rectangle 24 inches by 36 inches mirror framed beveled mirror.

It is the combination of the timeless classic elegance and sophistication while constructed and designed with modern principles and materials.

A 2 5/8 inch beveled frame surrounds this beveled mirror.

As a result, the mirror frame creates a border look for this mirror with the outer dimensions of 24″ x 36″  & the inner mirror being 18 5/8″ by 30 7/8″.  The thick, mirrored edges surround the clear beveled center.

The large glass mirror is supported by solid core wood. As a result, it increased the reinforcement and stability of the mirror.

This mirror weighs begin from 24 lbs. It has standard hanging hardware that holds up to 50lbs. Stud installation is not required for this mirror.

Color: Crystal

Getting ready to buy a beveled mirror for bathroom? This might help!

  • Decide your budget first
  • Determine the space you want to keep your mirror
  • Measure the specific length of your bathroom
  • Select the shape
  • Frame or frameless mirror
  • Consider the style of your bathroom
  • Check out more options

Although a beveled mirror for bathroom cost more than the traditional mirrors, you can still be assured of the quality.

You will have the satisfaction that you got what you paid for. These mirrors redeem themselves with unique properties.

Now choose between a good selection of frames, and custom design your mirror, to any size.


In doubt, get a frameless beveled mirror for bathroom. It goes with everything. So you won’t have to think about maintaining the ambiance repeatedly.

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