Where should a mirror be placed in a bedroom for lighting

Where Should A Mirror Be Placed In A Bedroom For Lighting- DIGITALALOY

In the modern household, bedroom mirrors are considered as ornamentation. A bedroom can be made look a lot bigger, create a usable space for dressing, hair, and make-up, reflect more light with good mirror placement.

Bedrooms can be adorned with different sizes of mirrors, and most bedrooms should have at least two mirrors, a small mirror, and a full-size body length mirror. The full-length mirror can choose outfits, and the small mirror can be used for detailed looks, like make-up or hairdressing. A dark, moody room can be made more vibrant, and a small room will look more significant with the help of bedroom mirrors as they help create quite an illusion. The decorative style of mirrors usually supports the décor and color spectrum of a room.


Organizing Mirrors in Small Bedrooms

1.Setting mirrors on opposite walls

Mirrors can be placed directly opposite one another to create the illusion of depth to a small bedroom and appear larger. However, large mirrors are the best for this.

2. Placing a full-length mirror opposite the doorway

In the case of a large mirror, it can be added opposite the doorway, reflecting the outside hallway. This creates an illusion that works quite well with both tall mirrors and small mirrors, making the bedroom appear larger.

3. Add a mirror to furniture.

If mirrors are added to furniture like a bedside table or wardrobes or a tabletop, it will reflect light into the room and make the room appear or feel larger. You can mirror add to closet doors or even wardrobes as well.

02. Where should a mirror be placed in a bedroom for lighting

How to make a dark room look lighter?

Add a mirror opposite your window.

If a mirror is positioned opposite the bedroom window, it will reflect the natural light from the window and add more light to the room and make the space more vibrant and lively. A similarly sized mirror can be added to the opposite wall to create the same effect.

In this way, the mirror would catch the natural light and illuminate the room but not as much light as it would have done if it was positioned directly opposite. Positioning mirrors in different room locations can be used to utilize the natural light from the windows and can be moved around the room to make it appear more lively and larger. It’s a great way to play with different angles of light.


Place a mirror next to a window.

To make the outside area of a room look bigger, a mirror can be placed next to a window, reflecting the natural light into a room. In this case, it will work best if the window and mirrors are of a similar size and are placed a few inches apart. However, if the mirror is more extensive, it will give a better effect.

Mirrors can also be placed near a lighting source, for example, a bulb but not directly in front of it as it may be too blinding because of the direct reflection of light. You can do this in a large room to get rid of the gaping and cold feel. A few more examples of placing mirrors can be to hang them next to wall sconces or placing a large mirror on a wall beneath a chandelier.

The size of the mirror matters a lot while decorating a room. A large mirror can be the best option as it reflects more light into space, making it look more spacious and brighter. In regards to a small mirror, it will not reflect as much light into a room as a large mirror but can add quite a glow into a room if they are placed in groupings. If a mirror collage is added on the opposite wall of a window or beneath a lighting source. It adds a point of convergence to the room as it brightens.

Tips for selection of Mirrors.

03. Where should a mirror be placed in a bedroom for lighting

To maintain a cohesive style, one must consider a room’s style before selecting a mirror. For example, if a room is more traditionally themed, a mirror with an embellished frame would suit here better rather than in a more modern room. However, thin, frameless mirrors or those framed with a metallic material such as chrome would fit better in a more contemporary space or room.

Sleek or frameless mirrors with a beveled edge that would match better with the wall colors would look much brighter than mirrors with thick frames because they don’t absorb light and are subtle. Hence mirrors with thick frames feel like they are trapping light but reduces the brightening effect. The color-trapping impact can be increased if the frames contrast with the wall color.

Setting mirrors beyond the wall

Mirrors can also be placed throughout a room to enliven interior spaces and not only hung on walls to reflect light. In this case, a group of mirrors can be turned on one wall, or the back of a bookshelf can be lined with mirrors. You can use smaller mirrors to line the back of bookshelves, and mirrored coasters can also be added to reflect light and glow to whatever is placed on tops of them, such as glass centerpieces or small candles. If table tops or mantles can be decorated with mirrored trays to hold centerpieces or other decorative items, that can also reflect light and liven up space.


These are the few tips and tricks one can follow to enhance maximum lighting in a bedroom by placing mirrors accordingly. A dark and gloomy room can be brought to life by adding mirrors. The size of the mirrors should be according to the size of the bedroom. The mirrors can be heavily framed and more embellished if the bedroom is more traditionally themed or sleek and thin if the bedroom is more modern.

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