9 Cheap Ways to Make Your House Look Expensive

While we dream of living in a big, elegant house, not everyone can afford such an endeavor.

Fortunately, you do not have to spend a hefty sum to live in a mansion. All it needs is to be practical and creative to turn your house into an elegant space.

In this post, let us share nine cheap ways you can make your house look expensive.

Clean up

When your mind is looking for ideas to make your house look more expensive, you start window shopping for all sorts of home decors. However, that shouldn’t be the first step.

Instead, Maid Sailors Austin Maid Service advises that you begin by cleaning your house.

Sometimes, your home is already elegant enough with what you have at home and would only need a few additions to elevate it.

However, when your home is cluttered, it can be challenging to find your home in any form of positive light. Plus, it will be harder to figure out how to modify your home in any way.

That’s why it will be easier for you if you start by cleaning your home first.

Hang a decorative mirror

hang a decorative mirror

Mirrors aren’t only there for you to check your reflection with.

You can also use mirrors in a decorative way. Using mirrors in the right path for decorative purposes can make your home look more expensive.

At the same time, mirrors produce two different effects that help make your home better.

The first effect it produces is that it helps bounce light around your home, especially when placed in front of a natural light source, like a window.

The second is that it has an enlarging effect on a room when you strategically place them.

Therefore, if you have a smaller area that you want to feel less claustrophobic, adding a mirror can help make it look either broader or higher.

Clean and open your windows

Speaking of windows, you can make your house look more expensive by paying more particular attention to your windows.

These small details might feel minor, but there’s nothing like letting natural air and sunlight in through your clean windows.

Letting the sunlight in is an excellent way to improve the look inside your home. So cleaning your windows ensures that you get as much natural light as possible in your house.

Aside from that, windows are also seen from the outside.

Hence, keeping your windows clean can elevate your curb appeal, especially if you add window décor.

Install stylish lighting

A simple change you can make to a room that affects its impressions would be the lighting fixture you’re using. If you are using a standard lighting fixture, you should consider replacing them with designer fixtures.

A chandelier isn’t the only way you can add elegance to your home. It’s all about finding the correct type of lighting fixture based on the room’s theme you’re installing the light in. 

With enough internet sleuthing, you can find a lighting fixture that can suit your space and make it look elegant. Who knows? You might find the one you like at an affordable price online.

Use a neutral palette

It’s tough to pull off a wilder and more vibrant color palette in a home, especially if you’re going for an expensive and elegant look. If you are not confident with your interior decoration skills (or the lack thereof), consider hiring a professional.

To make it easier on you, stick to using a neutral palette for decorating the entirety of your home instead. Neutral colors work well with everything so that the colors will work well with one another, and they always look great. You have free rein when it comes to decorating your house, especially when using a neutral palette.

Transform using tiles

An exciting way you can make your floors look more elegant is by using tiles of different styles in one room.

It adds a texture to your floors that makes them look more attractive, which works great for a room filled with simpler furniture. You can use it on your floors as well as your walls, depending on your preference.

Aside from that, you don’t only have to use tiles in the usual places, like the bathroom or kitchen.

You can also transform your living room by using tiles more stylistically to make it stand out more and create more exciting looks for your home.

Install moldings

If you only have plain walls throughout your home, adding crown moldings is a straightforward way to add character and elegance to it.

Adding that trim can make your home look more expensive, even though installing it doesn’t cost that much money in the first place. It can make a room look like it has higher ceilings, and you can use different styles of crown molding to even serve as a decorative piece.

It makes the space connecting the walls to the ceilings look much neater than if it wasn’t there at all.

Add a rug

add a rug

If a room looks bare and you feel like you want to add something to it without crowding up the space, adding a rug can better pull the room.

Make sure that your rugs complement the color theme of your room. They should also be able to withstand heavy foot traffic so that they can last long.

Create an accent wall

Adding an accent wall can create a great focal point in a room where you don’t know what to do.

If you don’t want to have many neutral-colored walls in your home, consider having an accent wall.

Doing so allows you to incorporate more exciting and brighter colors and add texture to only one wall to make it stand out.

You can also get wallpaper instead of your standard wall color to make that accent wall stand out.

The bottom line

By applying these decoration ideas to your home, you too can enjoy an exquisite-looking home without having to shell out the money to do so.

Try these out yourself, and you’ll soon find yourself delighting in how well your home transformed through these simple changes.

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