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Using mirrors in the house decoration in a creative way

Your home reflects your personality. Decorating it will further enhance its aesthetics. Mirrors are one of the best home décor items. You cannot go wrong with it. Besides being a great addition to décor, mirrors add light to space too. You can do much more with them than just hanging them on the wall.

Here is how you can creatively use mirrors for your house decoration — 

Hang it outdoors

If you have a large mirror, hang it outdoors at places like your patio or deck. This will make it look like a room. The reflection will have a stunning picture of your backyard. You can think of this idea, particularly if you have a canopy roof. 

Try out galleria style.

Often in salon-style art galleries, a large number of mirror pieces are grouped. You can skip the art but keep the frames and mirrors. The décor will have a salon feel, but there will be more light instead of art. 

Place mirror frames inside another frame.

You can add a modern flair with an artistic touch to your place by framing your mirror inside another frame. Choose an oversize mirror to reflect an avant-garde look. 

Install mirrors on kitchen cabinets

A large mirror can make your small room appear spacious. The same goes for small kitchens. You can install mirrors on kitchen cabinets for that effect. They’ll look unique and will make your space look bigger. 

Add some visual tricks.

As we all know, mirrors make space bounce beautifully. They provide a dual sensation in-depth and brightness. When you place a mirror strategically in the dining room, it feels like adding windows. You can get this effect by placing the mirror in front of the windows with more light and outdoor view. This will reflect the exterior and the light inside the house.

Keep in mind that decorating a home is one of the key elements to balance the energy flowing around it. This goes right with elements that allocate space and light. Hence, with mirror decoration, you will add to the harmony of your place. 

Add full-length table mirrors

You can enhance the aesthetic aura of your home with an inexpensive full-length mirror for the table. Lay the mirror down on your dining table and put flower vases or any other centerpiece on the top. It offers a dash of modernity to the whole look. 

Add mirrored candles

If you have pillar candles for candlesticks, you can create the illusion of having more of them by adding a mirror right behind them. You can also do the same for reflecting the image of your fireplace. 

Do a double effect

For a bit grand effect, you can hang two 

Hang two coordinating mirrors of traditional or unique shapes in a hallway or room. Having double will reflect more light and make space look bigger.

Combine art and mirrors

Leaning an art piece against the wall is a common way to show it. But placing a mirror just behind it adds a whole new dimension. It provides a clean and clear background to the art piece. In addition, you can put mirrors behind other decorative pieces like vases and more. 

Some more ideas to consider:

Think of the reflection: Before hanging mirrors, it’s essential to think what’s away from it. We often consider the available wall space for hanging, but we hardly pay attention to the things it reflects. Hanging it opposite a painting, architectural piece, or furniture will highlight those items. Likewise, it’s always a wise decision to hang a mirror reflecting a window. It will not only reflect the outdoor sight but also increase the light in that area. 

Think of the placement: Besides placing your mirror across from visual sight, it should also be hung at a suitable height. Unlike other pieces that need to be hung at eye level, mirror placement, on the other hand, depends on the things that it has to reflect. So, the placement could be higher or lower.

Big is better: Small is better, that’s true. But sometimes, bigger is better. Don’t be scared of using a big mirror in a small area. Mirrors are known for creating illusion and depth. And due to this feature, they make a small space look bigger. A big mirror hanging on a wall is an excellent decorative piece to use in a small room. Mirrors also make narrow spaces such as hallways look spacious. 

Create a central point: Mirrors have the attributes to create a great focal point. That’s why they are often seen over dining room buffets and mantels. In addition, an empty wall having bigger mirrors creates a dramatic effect. 

Consider the style of the mirror: Mirrors come in various styles such as classic, edgy, traditional, modern, and more. Their look depends on the frame. Think of the effect that you want to create while picking a mirror. A rustic wood frame will have a far different look than a metal frame. There is also the mirror in the antique look that can look different when added to space. 

Hang them properly: Using a small nail to hang a mirror won’t do justice. Instead, use proper picture hangers or wall hooks for that purpose. This will help your mirror to be held flat against the wall. Don’t hang the mirror using wire as it can be dangerous and cause the mirror to distort reflection. For heavy mirrors, use professional help for hanging. 


Mirrors are great decorative items if used wisely. Use them as an art piece, something that offers your dream place a touch of elegance without obscuring the other elements in place.

If you need reasons and ideas for decorating your place with mirrors, here it is. Consider the tips mentioned earlier to get yourself started. Once you start decorating your home with mirrors, there is no going back! 

You can take design help from sites like Designhill and many others. Visit any of those sites for more ideas. Or bring your creativity to work and spruce up the place to reflect your personality. 

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