Full Length Wall Mirror with jewelry storage

Best Full Length Mirror With Jewelry Storage – Full Buying Guide

full length wall mirror with jewelry storage-pinIf you love to have makeup and wear ornaments, for sure you need a full length mirror with jewelry storage.

Having a full-length mirror is a matter of passion.

So, you better go for one that comes with additional storage.

You will keep your makeup equipment and ornaments in the storage then.

Have you ever thought of having extra storage? Then you may know the hassle of organizing them to different places. Having good storage for your makeup and jewelry is a matter of luck.

We have long experience in a full-length mirror with jewelry storage plans and know a lot about it. So, let us share our knowledge to make your hassle less.

Choosing the perfect mirror is not always easy. Different brands from the market may confuse you in many contexts.

So, we have picked the best 5 mirrors from the stores and rated them with their features. Come on, we guide you with the best benefits.

If you have not still decided to buy a full length mirror with jewelry storage then you should know some facts about the product.

You will be stunned to know the issues, we are going to share in this buying guide. You may go for a mirror that is not perfect for you. So, come on we tell you the facts about it.

Do you really need a full length mirror with jewelry storage?

When you are after buying a mirror that might not be a full-length also. You will find a lot of mirrors that are hanging on the wall or door, they are not full-length at all!

Some are with stands and they are half-length but come with adjustable features. So, here you have to decide will you go for a full-length or an adjustable mirror? Basically both will serve your purpose so well.

Environment-Friendly Mirror

Always we need to see the features of the mirror. All the mirror is not well built, so the proper coating and reflection quality should be checked.

Some mirrors come with narrow or lengthy reflection problems. We need to see the real size and proper lighting reflection mirrors for us.

Well-built mirrors come with perfect lighting that is eye-friendly and makes the room brighter.

Proper Storage

Mirrors with storage space have various types of storage. Some have full storage, few have half storage and in some cases, there are extra drawers and back shelves too.

In this case, you will have to choose the perfect one that will serve your purpose well. You can check how much jewelry can be stored in each cabinet, that will be helpful too.

The cabinet with an external shelf is superb to be an addition in your room, as it can work as both a cabinet and a book rack.

LED lights

A cabinet with lights is an awesome idea. You will be able to see inside the cabinet and choose your jewelry without any hassle.

So, you can go for adjustable LED lights in the cabinet. In a few cabinets, there is an internal mirror too.

The internal lighting system makes reflection bright and you can do your makeover well.

Lock Features

For sure you will never want someone to use your jewelry or peak into your cabinet. So, always check for the lock system. Moreover, it is a child-safe too.

Children may open the cabinet and damage things, so it is better to choose a cabinet with a lock to keep things secure.

Space Management

Overall we need to look at the space management of the mirror. Few come with stands and others are hanging on the wall.

If you have enough space then it may take place in our room, but for space management, we may go for a mirror that hangs on the wall.

Taking a wise decision may save some space in the room. 

Considering all the above facts, you can choose your mirror easily, the perfect one will come according to your need.

You may also run for a specific model that has the most of the requirements you are looking for. You can now order the mirror you are looking for!

Our Favourite full Length Mirror With Jewelry Storage

We are going to share our knowledge and experience about the Full Length Mirror With Jewelry Storage that will make your way easy to choose the perfect one for your home.

Our experts will tell you each and every point that can make a difference.

Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet with Mirror

Best Full Length Mirror With Jewelry Storage – Full Buying Guide 1If you are looking for a uniquely designed and borderless mirror then Nicetree cabinet is a perfect choice.

The mirror is fully borderless and it will cover your full body and it is very stylish to take place in your bedroom.

You will love the product along with its positive features. The stand is adjustable and very stable to maintain its place in a corner.

You will be able to adjust the mirror according to your choice.

The interesting thing is, you can adjust it with your height- that is not possible with all of the full-length mirrors.

Inside there is enough storage space for all types of jewelry and at the bottom, there are two stylish drawers.

Enough storage, children safe, and lock features make this mirror loved by all the users.

The color is very lovely to bring an elegant look to the room.

For your perfect free standing full length mirror with jewelry storage inside, Nicetree is a perfect choice.

Key Features:

  • Full-screen mirror
  • Stylish design
  • Interior decoration
  • Flexible frame
  • Adjustable design
  • Additional Drawers
  • Lock feature
  • Easy assembling


  • Attractive design
  • Borderless fabulous mirror
  • Unique adjustable function
  • Large storage
  • Children Safe
  • Perfect for home assembly

LUXFURNI Jewelry Organizer Wall Mirror Cabinet with Box Storage

Best Full Length Mirror With Jewelry Storage – Full Buying Guide 2When you are looking for a complete solution for a mirror jewelry cabinet then Luxfurni could be a solution.

It comes with an awesome look and helpful features to get things done. Its lighting features give a studio makeup environment and the velvet lighting gives a luxurious feel.

The interior is designed for placing several types of jewelry like necklace, ring, earrings, and bracelet separately. 

This mirror with a jewelry box is very much lightweight and easy to move.

It comes with 4 stylish drawers and removable zipper pouches. It is easy to manage and comes with easy to use features.

You will find it an excellent solution for your home. From an organizer to a jewelry solution this mirror is a complete assortment. 

This is a quality hanging mirror with jewelry storage that serves with the perfect storage and easy to maintain jewelry.

Finding you scattered jewelry all over the room and losing time to find it is no more. This is the perfect solution. You can check this out if the features seem well.

Key Features:

  • 79 LED lights create an extensive lucrative environment
  • Protective internal velvet lining
  • Easy to remove cosmetic bags
  • Makeup organizer shelves
  • Gift box packaging
  • Easy to hang on wall and door


  • Appropriate lighting for a better makeover
  • Manufactured with care for jewelry protection
  • Removable accessories
  • Proper shelves
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to setup

TWING Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Cabinet 360 Rotating

Best Full Length Mirror With Jewelry Storage – Full Buying Guide 3When we are talking about the TWING jewelry cabinet, it comes with its unique design and features.

It is both walls hanging and its own stand functionality to use any way you like. If you hang it on the wall, it will save space, on the other hand, the stand comes with it that looks like a ladder and has an in-built shelf with it.

You can keep many extra materials and bags on the shelf easily.

Additionally, the shelf moves 360 degrees that give you 100% access to each side and every corner of the cabinet.

If you want to use the internal shelves you can get to it standing in front of it and if looking for any accessory behind it, then just twist it!

The cabinet comes with a large capacity for jewelry and other accessories. The most amazing thing is both side accessories holders inside.

This jewelry cabinet is a production of good planning, it comes with head to toe coverage and a good quality mirror that reflects you with the real reflection in proper lighting.

If you don’t want to hang it on the wall, then it will take a small space in a corner or beside your bed. This is overall a perfect solution for a freestanding full-length mirror with jewelry storage inside.

Key Features:

  • Space-saving design
  • Wall hanging and self stand fun
  • Extra Large storage
  • Quality bright mirror
  • Internal extra mirror


  • Easy to manage gull storage
  • No hassle to switch mirror
  • Extra storage space behind
  • Rotatable
  • Takes less space
  • Dual mirror
  • Complete solution

Titan Mall Armoire Jewelry Cabinet full length mirror with Jewelry Storage

Best Full Length Mirror With Jewelry Storage – Full Buying Guide 4If you are not satisfied with any full-length mirror with jewelry storage then the Titan Jewelry Cabinet will make you happy with its features.

It is both a space saver to stay in a corner and comes with 360-degree rotation features.

You will not believe that it comes with extra space behind, you can store your necessary things, bags, accessories there.

This excellent jewelry cabinet comes with the largest storage capacity in the market.

In the cabinet, it has lots of shelves and places to keep your necklace, earring, and other jewelry. You can also use the behind part as a bookshelf easily.

The mirror quality is very environment friendly and it will give a larger look in the room.

If we are talking about a full length mirror with jewelry storage then this is the best solution.

Overall the manufacturer is more loyal to each of his customers, Titan Mall is very much reputed for user-friendly support.

You will get instant support from their support center and the service is really superb.

You will enjoy the perfect full length mirror with jewelry storage from Titan.

Key Features:

  • Space saver cabinet
  • Wall-mounted and Shelf system
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Back shelf
  • Large storage capacity
  • Separate storage and display shelves
  • Environment-friendly mirror
  • Great Support service
  • Titalmall Satisfaction service


  • Easy to store jewelry 
  • Dual function for hanging and stand
  • Easy rotate function
  • Big space to store hundreds of jewelry
  • Full-Length Mirror
  • Bright reflection
  • Friendly Titan Mall support

BestChoice Products 6-Tier Standing Mirror Lockable Storage

Best Full Length Mirror With Jewelry Storage – Full Buying Guide 5BestChoice brand brings a 6-Tier standing mirror that comes with some unique features other than different brands.

The interior is decorated with LED lights that lit automatically when it is opened.

You can make it bright or dim as per your choice. The interior is also decorated with stylish velvet and there is much space to display and store your jewelry.

It also comes with a nice lock feature. 

The storage inside is more or less enough like other storage. It comes with a stable stand and it can be moved to adjust to seeing your head to toe.

You can adjust it to three different angles and the mirror is overall eye-friendly. This mirror will become a nice attachment to your bedroom. 

You will find the make of the product is extensively well planned and for medium storage and nice look, you can pick this product for great results.

You will comfortably manage a full length mirror with jewelry storage plans in this mirror. 

Key Features:

  • Space-saving unique design
  • Interior auto LED lights
  • Different light settings
  • Velvet interior
  • Sufficient storage
  • Lock system
  • Adjustable mirror
  • Durable feature
  • Unique space saver


  • Easy to manage
  • Stable stands
  • Easy to adjust to managing makeover
  • Auto lighting
  • Easy storage management
  • Enough space

How to clean the mirror?

Cleaning a mirror is not a tough thing. You can use general rubbing spirit, glass cleaner to remove dust and other unwanted spots. You can also use varnish spray for the wooden frame. 


Buying a full length mirror with jewelry storage is not easy at all.

We have shared our knowledge to toil your pain and guide you to pick the perfect one.

Now you have the freedom to choose and buy the perfect one.

So, hit the stores and get the best mirror you are looking for. We will be happy if the guideline helps you through the way.

Regardless, we believe that the TWING Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Cabinet , stands out from the rest.

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