How can I have a luxurious living room design

How can I have a luxurious living room design?

Many of us dream of a luxurious living room. Such rooms are elegant, sophisticated and we feel comfortable and cozy in them.

Maybe for you, a luxury room is equipped with the most modern technical devices and LED lights, and maybe you imagine it as a traditional room with expensive artwork, paintings on the wall, and a massive crystal chandelier.

Whatever your idea is, know you can bring a dose of luxury to your living room.

The details will make your living room shine. Explore our ideas and adapt them to your space.

We will talk about massive curtains, upholstered sofas, and many details that you will surely like at first sight.

Below, we reveal how to add a touch of luxury to your living room!

The living room represents the heart of every home

The living room is a place where we gather with the dearest people, have fun and laugh out loud. If you are ready to experiment, then you should definitely listen to the advice of designers, because they know what is in trend this season.

To give your living room luxury, it is enough to change the furniture that is in the center of attention, to paint the walls, or to work on an elegant decoration that leaves you breathless.

A luxuriously equipped home takes time because everything must be in its place. Spatial planning is extremely important and represents the first step towards a luxuriously arranged living room.

Use the power of round mirrors

round mirror

Round mirrors can look elegant even in smaller spaces. In addition to being functional, mirrors can enhance your space. Round mirrors are ideal for spaces that have many geometric shapes.

If you have high walls, choose a large mirror with a massive color frame that matches the furniture. You can paint the frame in gold or silver, to make the living room look even more glamorous.

Does the living room have to be big to be luxurious?

We all need a little luxury in our homes sometimes, and the size of the space should not limit you. No matter how big your living room is, you can refresh it and rearrange it so that it is exactly to your taste.

What is important is that you select all the details carefully. From furniture to decoration, you try to enrich the space with details that provide contrast and make the whole living room look sophisticated.

Furniture that looks modern and luxurious is more expensive than classic, commercial furniture. First of all, furniture should be practical and functional. If your living room is small, you can choose a sofa with plush pillows.

Next to it, you can add a massive armchair in another color, made of the same material. If you have a large space experiment with furniture shapes but also colors.

The advantage of a large space is that it can easily adapt to a luxurious style, so you can even mix your preferred styles, such as minimalist and retro.

Create contrast in the living room

Designers say that by creating contrast, you can make your living room look more luxurious.

If you mix dark and light colors at the same palace, that’s great. However, if you leave the whole living room in the same color, you are not wrong.

For example, you have decided to make your room white. White walls, white furniture, white shelves – it can all look fantastic, both in small and large spaces.

If you have decided on a one-color variant, then enrich the space with details in your preferred color.

You can select one color for decorative candles, for carpets, for vases, for decorations on shelves. Your living room will look like a million dollars, without much effort!

These tips are especially applicable when renovating a living room when you change everything and purchase all the furniture.

The walls carry out a vital role

The walls in the living room are significant, and it is impossible not to notice them.

They can be in one color, and you can also include modern techniques to them.

House painters from Sydney say current techniques like stone tiles are in trend this season because they look fantastic in living rooms.

To make the room look sophisticated, you can choose bold darker colors, like dark gray, dark green, or dark orange.


Living room lighting can add to the first impression! Get an attractive chandelier that will enhance the atmosphere.

When we think of luxury, gold is the focus. Gold and silver details can beautify your home and go perfectly with wooden parquets or wood-colored details.

In addition to chandeliers, pay attention to lamps, but also to LED bulbs that can be romantic on nights when you want to relax and watch a movie.

Classic style does not go out of fashion

Earth tones are always in a trend, and the natural theme in the modern edition seems very expensive! Designers advise you to place in the living room massive houseplants that can additionally be used to purify the air.

The plants blend perfectly into the minimalist style. In addition to plants, it is excellent to refresh your home with pillows, carpets, and details in earthy colors.

The most important thing is to choose long-lasting and quality materials. You may need more money for such style, but consider that all the items in your living room will last for years and that it is a worthwhile investment.

When furnishing a home in a luxurious style, do not rush. Think twice before buying, because every detail should enrich your space.

Modern mirrors

Mirrors in the living room are an excellent choice. You can choose vintage or unusual mirrors.

Place them on a free wall or above a desk. Mirrors can also be combined with the design of the fireplace, to emphasize the symmetry of the space.

Designing with the help of mirrors can create incredible depth and illuminate the room, due to the additional glare.

With these little tricks and tips, you will transform your living room into a luxuriously equipped oasis that you will enjoy!

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