How to decorate a living room with mirrors

How To Decorate A Living Room With Mirrors- Digitalaloy

Whenever we move into a new space or a house, we tend to fill up the house with all sorts of necessities. They include pieces of furniture, a bed, and the list goes on. Mirrors fall under one of the essentials too.

We also use mirrors for decorating our bedrooms and living rooms. Mirrors are a perfect blend of function and fashion. We use mirrors to decorate and open up space in both modern household and traditionally themed household. It is also an excellent option for adding a touch of beauty to wooden households.

Can turn a living room into a beautiful and more vibrant place by adding different mirrors throughout the area. It is an excellent way of filling up wall space and acts as a neutral option.

Few Innovative Ideas to decorate a living room are:

  • A Living Room with a Stone Fireplace

A living room becomes more aesthetic with different components that help expand the place, creating different focus and contrast areas. To deck out a living room with a stone fireplace, a mirror with a wooden frame can be placed on top.

  • A Counterpoise

A living room that consists more of shiny and metallic features, adding a mirror with a glossy frame will be the best choice. If the living room is considerably unilluminated, with dark curtains, pillows, and lampshades, adding a mirror with a shiny frame reflects the light that comes through the windows, and dark curtains will brighten up space more, thus highlighting the similar shades of pillows and lampshade. A mirror with a gold frame might look better in this case. This will act as a counterpoise in a dark living place.

  • A living room that has more open space

In a living room that is more open with less furniture or other decorative items, a full-length wall mirror can be added. Then it has to be decided what kind of frame to use. It can be something simple or a heavier and more detailed frame. The majority of the mirror is a reflection; hence it is a great way to fill up wall spaces.

  • Placing full-length wall mirrors on the floor

Inexpensive wall mirrors can be placed on the floor and not only on walls to be effective. In the corner of the space you want to open up in a living room, a full-length wall mirror can be placed there leaning against the wall. This will surely open up the place and make it brighter.

  • Placing twin mirrors

To make a living room more eye-catching, two identical mirrors can be placed near each other for the same effect. If the mirrors are placed away from each other, it does not follow a style, but two similar mirrors do not make a wall look messy and maintains an inseparable style.

  • A wall-sized mirror.

To visually enlarge the size of a living room, a wall-sized mirror is the best option without any actual alteration to space. It is not very common in many households, but mirrors add profundity to whatever surface they are added to, and the larger the size of the mirror is, the larger and brighter a living room will be.

  • An arcadian style

When a living room has a rustic style, mirrors can be used to enhance it even further. It acts as a neutral option than covering a wall with pictures or paintings. While photographs or illustrations can be used to fill up wall space without it looking cluttered, it will be quite challenging to decide which colors can be used that would not conflict with the living room décor. But if a rustic mirror is added to such a style, it will merely reflect the décor and be better incorporated.

  • A rudimental style

Many thoughts should be put into choosing the frames of the mirrors carefully while hanging them in the living room as the style needs to be maintained. If the living room has stone walls, a mirror frame similar to a more basic material like wood can be chosen can be picked in contrast to the stone walls.

  • We are highlighting space.

If the décor of a living room is mostly dark and non-metallic, a gold-framed mirror might do the work. It will be the center of attention. It helps open up the wall and adds more light to the room, thus creating a lovely focal point. On the other hand, where a living room has more bright colors, a silver framed mirror can be added to the décor to accentuate the décor.

  • Unfolding the wall space

If all the windows of a room are limited to one wall, mirrors can be added to the other walls to help imitate a window effect and spread light throughout the room. If large mirrors are arranged on other walls opposite the window wall, further enhancing the illusion of open space. As it is already known that mirrors are the best way to give the appearance of opening up space and creating an optical illusion that a room is more extensive and brighter than it is. A better way to increase this illusion is to use a mirror frame that has similarities with other items of décor in the living room or has the same cut as the windows in the room have.

  • Balancing the visual weight

While decorating any space or a living room, visual weight is the balance we try to maintain throughout the room. Therefore, to add variety and light to the room, using multiple mirrors will be a great idea while still maintaining the visual weight.

Tips and tricks of the placement of mirrors

Before a mirror is hung on a wall, quite a few things should be taken into account. We tend to hang mirrors on empty walls, but it is essential to consider what will be reflected in it.

For example, if a mirror is hung opposite a piece of furniture, paintings, or an architectural element, it will give the items more life than if they are hung across from something less attractive.

Another great idea is to add a mirror opposite a window in a living space as it will remarkably increase the amount of light in the room.

Heights should always be taken into account while placing a mirror other than hanging it across from something visually captivating.

It should be turned at an appropriate size for space. Mirror placement will always depend on what you want to be reflected in it. Arts and paintings should still be hung at eye level, but both higher and lower levels can work depending on the situation in mirrors.

Large mirrors can be placed in a small room, and it will change the whole look of the tiny room as mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of depth and space and make a room look bigger than it is.

A full length can be placed against the wall, which will enhance a small room to a great extent. It is also an excellent option for narrow hallways.

We always create a gallery wall with photos, but that can be done with mirrors too, and it is a great way to make a living room more aesthetic. When deciding on placing them on a wall, it should be treated as one unit.

However, a mirrored gallery wall will look more enchanting in a room that is not jumbled up with things. But adding it to a small space and it could look too much. Therefore, inexpensive wall mirrors can be used to decorate a living room. Full-length wall mirrors are a great way to take selfies in this modern world of pictures.

If anyone is indecisive and going through a lot of trouble thinking about decorating a specific room or a house, they can without a doubt decorate it with different shapes and frames of mirrors according to the room’s style.

They are an excellent option for many reasons as they open up spaces, reflect light, and make rooms look better in general. There are a few points to keep in mind while hanging them in just any place, as discussed above.

In the case of mirrored furniture, although it has gone through a period of popularity and is excellent at reflecting light and enlarging walls, it should not be used in a room that has a lot going on because the extra reflections will be too much to handle.

Mirrors are a great option, in general, to add life to a dull place and turn it into a chic and trendy atmosphere. One should not be worried about the budget of decorating a house with mirrors, as there are lots of inexpensive mirrors with a simple yet fashionable frame to fit the needs.

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