How to Choose Wall Mirrors for Your Home: 7 Tips

How to Choose Wall Mirrors for Your Home: 7 Tips

How-to-Choose-Wall-Mirrors-for-Your-Home-7 Tips-pinA mirror is a product that we use every day that we always use.

Just as we keep ourselves fit through mirrors, mirrors enhance the beauty of the house.

There are many types of mirrors. Full-Length Wall Mirror, Wall Mirror, Door Mirror, etc.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose a wall mirror to enhance the beauty of our home.

Wall mirrors are often decorative. They can be a focal point in your room and make space feel bigger than it is.

You will want to choose a mirror that has enough light around it so you don’t have any glare issues when using them.

Mirrors should not take up more than 25% of the total wall space.

You should also choose a mirror that is on the opposite side of where you want to be so it’s not always in your face when looking at them.

When choosing a floor-length mirror, make sure there is enough room for people or furniture behind and around it before committing to buying one.

Mirrors can offer some privacy as well if they are in corners with doors next to them on either side (for bathrooms).

If this isn’t what you’re going for then try double-sided mirrors instead which won’t allow other sides from seeing through the glass – but these types of mirrors need more light too!

Since we use our own reflection often, how do we feel about ourselves? Self-acceptance is one of the most important things to remember when looking for a new mirror.

Curved mirrors can be visually interesting and give more space, but they may cause distortion so it’s not advised unless you want an art piece or custom vanity.

As with any large purchase, always try before you buy! Make sure that what you’re getting will fit in your home and look right on its intended wall – this way there are no surprises later.

The first step to choosing the perfect reflective surface for your walls is finding out how much wall space we have overall (or just where do I plan to hang my mirror).

Typically 25% of total wall space should consist of decorative mirrors; however, some people are allowed to go up to 33% for the desired effect.

If you’re looking for a mirror that will be able to give your whole room an updated feel, then choose one with either decorative frames or glittery finishes.

Next, we need to figure out if you want it hung vertically (lengthwise) or horizontally (left/right).

These two options often look different on walls and may require some planning before purchase.

Horizontal mirrors are typically better suited in small rooms while vertical ones work well in larger spaces because they open up the illusion of space.

Consider what type of frame would best match your design aesthetic – traditional wood is timeless, but metal can have a more contemporary appeal! Here our expert’s 7tips:


Choose a place on the wall and measure your mirror.

Measure the height and width of your mirror, then measure the distance between two studs on a wall.

Make sure that it’s not too close to either end or you’ll have problems with mounting brackets (see “Mounting Brackets”).

After measuring these three dimensions, decide where best to install this piece in order for it to be perfectly centered vertically and horizontally.

For instance, if I wanted my mirror mounted at 60″ wide by 84″ high on one side of my room, I would need it placed 78 ¾” from each end:

For example: Measure the height and width of your mirror as well as the distance between two studs on a wall before deciding where best to place them in order to put studs close enough together – this most often happens with it in a perfect center.

02. Design


Choose a design that complements your existing decor. If you have a minimalist home with lots of white surfaces, avoid mirrors that would cover up those spaces.

If there’s one thing I learned about myself when first starting to design my own interiors it was the importance of staying true to my style and not following trends.

When you do this, all the pieces in your space will work together seamlessly because they’re similar enough in color palette or pattern but unique at the same time

A mirror can be hung vertically on an adjacent wall for some extra lighting if desired; its reflective surface bouncing light from overhead sources throughout a room – always remember though that horizontal placement is more flattering than vertical placement since we view ourselves differently through a reflection.

03. Durability

Before buying a mirror check its durability – some mirrors are coated in glass, while others have a thin film that’s applied to the back of the mirror.

The level of durability will vary depending on what type you choose

The durability of the mirror should be checked before buying the mirror. Mirror companies now offer warranties and guarantees.

A lot of times it is seen that you ordered the mirror from the online marketplace but it broke when it reached your hand! It is better to buy a mirror from a company that has the feature that you can return it if it reaches cracked.

04. Size

How to Choose Wall Mirrors for Your Home: 7 Tips 1

The size of the mirror is not all that matters. A big, full-length, or wide bedroom should have a double wall mirror to make it look bigger and more beautiful.

Before buying your next wall mirror, you will want to consider whether you need one for beauty purposes only, or if its purpose in your home is functional as well.

You can install a large wall mirror in the dining room for a dramatic effect.

Consider your wall space before buying: if you live in an apartment, there may be certain rules about whether or not the landlord will allow you to install mirrors on your walls and how big they can be.

If this is the case, consult with them first so that any issues are resolved beforehand rather than afterward.

Whether someone lives in an apartment building or house, it’s important to consider all of these factors when choosing a mirror for their home because size does matter!

The function of a mirror should never outweigh its beauty; both aspects are equally important for any living area inside one’s home!

05. Frame

One part of the wall mirror is the frame of that mirror. The frame is the border, or shell, that encompasses a mirror.

To help maintain the integrity of your wall mirrors and ensure they last for many years to come it’s important to take good care of them.

Wall mirror frames can be either made from metal or wood which both have their benefits when choosing one for any living space inside one’s home; this includes apartments as well as houses!

Metal frames are lightweight and easy to install but do not offer much in terms of style whereas wooden frames provide more style options such as carving on the borders but can’t hold a heavy load like metal could handle.

Consider all these factors before making your final decision about what type you want!

06. It should be easy to maintain

A mirror is part of your decor so you want to make sure that it is not only easy on the eyes but also takes care of itself.

There are a few ways to maintain this such as wiping down any fingerprints with glass cleaner or vinegar, using silicone sealant around the edges once in a while, and always hanging up your mirror when not being used.

The last thing you need is for those hard-to-reach spots behind the mirror to become dirty and impossible to clean!

Once these tips are followed there will be no more worries about maintaining one’s wall mirrors because they will still look good years later.

07. Budget

Choosing the best mirror on the market within a budget is a very tough thing to do. Many products have different prices and the quality of the mirror is affected due to price differences.

Mirrors are a one-time purchase that will last for many years and so it is important to get the best quality in order for this investment to be worthwhile.

In addition, when choosing a budget-friendly mirror keep in mind if the mirror has any notable features or not.

This can be something as simple as providing an extra space like storage inside of the frame – which would allow you more room on your fridge!

Just remember there are plenty of mirrors out there with different budgets; all you need to do is find what works best for you!


Hopefully, these 7 tips will help you choose the best mirror for your home. If there is a problem choose the best mirror with a full-length wall mirror. You can read this article. And if you have any questions about mirrors, contact us here. Have a nice day.

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