brighten up your dull living room

9 Creative Ways to Brighten Up Your Dull Living Room

A dull living room is a reflection of your lackluster life. It doesn’t give off an excellent impression to the guests — if you have the gall to invite them.

That said, we have listed nine ways you can liven up a dull living room:

Place Mirrors Strategically 

Strategic mirror placement can make the most out of your current living room, even if it’s too small or too dark. If you feel like your living room looks gloomy or feels crowded, consider hanging some mirrors.

If you position the mirrors somewhere in front of a natural light source, the light can reflect off of the mirror.

It could then help spread that light around the room and make it brighter even with a limited source of natural light.

Aside from hanging mirrors on walls, you can also opt for adding furniture that has reflective surfaces.

For example, coffee tables that have a reflective surface can help elevate the look of your home and may make the living room look larger.

Embrace White Walls

Light is a common reason as to why a room might look dull. Therefore, you have to look for creative ways to help add more light to your living room.

One thing that allows would be the paint color of your living room walls. It’s best that you choose light-colored walls, but even better if you’re painting your walls white.

White fits many color schemes, and it makes the look of any space feel cleaner and more elegant and luxurious.

Plus, white is the best choice to make your room look a lot brighter if you have a dark room.

White is a blank canvas, so it’s easier to think of additional decorative choices when you have a white wall.

You can always add some trimmings or other decor if you want to spice up the white walls that you have.

Hang Ceiling-Mounted Lights

Floor lamps are not the best option if your living room is small. Since floor lamps take up floor space, it might make the room feel more cluttered.

That’s why it would be ideal to hang ceiling-mounted lights instead of in the living room. It will have a broader reach to add light to more areas in the living room.

If you have a mirror that you use in the living room, try not to add ceiling-mounted lights directly on top of it.

Lights mounted directly above the mirror might not make your reflection look flattering. That’s because the light is coming from directly above you.

However, suppose you don’t have that mirror issue. In that case, ceiling-mounted lights will always be an excellent alternative to additional lighting. More so if you don’t have access to natural light.

Clean Your Windows

Natural light can make any space look more refreshing, bright, and welcoming. Therefore, you want to make sure that you get as much natural light as possible.

That’s why EcoPro recommends that you clean your windows regularly.

Your living room might already have the ability to get a suitable amount of natural light to make it more inviting.

The only issue may be the obstructions, namely the dirt covering your windows.

By getting rid of as much dirt, dust, and other mess on your windows, you can get more light in your living room.

Add Some Indoor Plants

indoor plants

Indoor plants always make whatever room they’re in look brighter and more inviting. Some live greeneries can make a space look light, inviting, and cozy.

If you have a living room that doesn’t look its best, consider adding more greeneries indoors.

Your indoor plants can be as big or as small as you want them to be. You can have a large pot filled with a large plant. However, even a flower vase with a bouquet in the middle of your living room can make the living room look more beautiful.

Pick Lighter Color or Transparent Furniture

Another way you can brighten up the living room is by adding lighter-colored furniture or even transparent furniture it. With lighter-colored furniture, you’re already adding a brighter element into space.

Like glass coffee tables, transparent furniture can make the room look less cluttered and messy while also reflecting light.

If you have dark-colored, or grey, navy, and other darker furniture schemes, it might not be a good idea if you know that your living room already looks dull. It would be best if you also avoided dark wooden tables or cabinets. Try to stick with lighter pieces of furniture.

Toss Throw Pillows on the Furniture

toss throw pillows on the furniture

Maybe the reason why your living room looks dull is that you haven’t added enough decorative elements to it.

One thing you can add to your living room that can add some spice to it would be more throw pillows around your furniture, precisely your sofa. However, throw pillows aren’t confined to the couch.

You can be extra creative with the patterns and designs that you want your throw pillows to be, but it’s a good idea to stick to some form of a theme.

That way, your decorative elements make sense and will match each other, and they won’t make your space look messy and all over the place.

Choose a Light Area Rug

Another part of the living room that may be contributing to the dark and gloomy appearance of the living room could be your flooring. If you have darker flooring, you can offset that with the help of some lighter-toned area rugs.

Choose some lighter patterns and brighter colors. Plus, if you’re using all white themes, a light-area rug with a bright color can be the pop of color you need.

Decorate Your Walls with Artwork

If your walls look a little empty, adding artwork to them can elevate the appeal of the space. Take this an opportunity to personalize your living room and make it your own.

For example, if you’re a big fan of certain movies, some people frame the movie poster and hang that up on their walls.

However, you can also support local artists, purchase their art pieces, and add them to your walls.


You can do various ways to brighten up your living room, including the tips listed above.

The best part? You do not have to do anything grandiose and spend a significant amount to spruce up space.

Try out the tips written above and see how they can make all the difference in your living room.

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