How To Hang A Wall Mirror

How To Hang A Wall Mirror – Beginners’ Guide

How To Hang A Wall Mirror pinYoko Ono Says, “Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning, and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.”

A mirror is a lovely and effective decoration for your room. A well-placed mirror is an easy way to make a room brighter and more open by passing light around. 

With a wall mirror, your room’s environment and gesture will increase to everyone. In the matter of installing a wall mirror in your room, it can be dangerous if you do not do the hanging process properly.

Here we will find out how we can hang a wall mirror properly and safely. 

Before everything, you need a wall mirror to hang. You can take a look at some best wall mirrors at the bottom of this article.

However, along with a mirror, you need these following things, 

  • Wall screws
  • Drill
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

Now you have what you need to hang a wall mirror. Before begin,

Locate the safest place to hang the heavy item on drywall

Pick a place where this mirror will be steady and out of any hittable furniture or things. Keep in mind about your safety also.

If you place a mirror on that side of the wall, from where people pass away or walk; then there is a risk of getting hurt.

Find out how much the mirror weighs

It can be risky to hang if you don’t know about how much weight the mirror is.

So, measure the actual weight first. If you purchase a brand new mirror then probably, you will get all information about that mirror on the packaging.

Use the weight information to determine the size of the wall screws you’ll need.

Make sure that all hooks or other hanging hardware are installed perfectly

Simply, turn over the mirror and check all hooks and other hanging materials are all set.

A single mistake on placing these things, the mirror can fall over suddenly, and you will lose your control from the mirror. Then, something unwanted can happen at any time.

Hanging the mirror on drywall

  • If you are hanging your mirror over a piece of furniture like a dresser, sofa, or console; then measure the item’s width to determine the exact center of the mirror should be.

  • Hold your mirror up carefully in its desired location on the wall and put a dot or sign as a mark at the top edge of the mirror.

  • Turn the mirror over and calculate the distance between the hanging hardware and the top of the mirror.

    After that, come back to the wall and make a second mark according to the same distance below your original pencil mark.

    This second mark is the exact location where your wall screw will go.

  • Now you can go with a drill machine if you’re hanging a mirror on a stud, otherwise if you’re not able to attach it to a stud then install a drywall anchor to hang the mirror on it.

  • After finishing all drilling or anchoring, hang your mirror and adjust it until it looks perfect.

Want to grab a new mirror?

A mirror will brighten up your room space. We listed some of the best wall mirrors around today’s market. Let’s take a descriptive look at these.

Niccy Full Length Mirror

How To Hang A Wall Mirror – Beginners’ Guide 1Niccy full-length mirror is just a piece to describe your whole body. It gives an accurate reflection of your body so that you can easily measure the perception of others.

The solid PS material frame is polished enough to illuminate your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

The mirror has the facility to mount in the wall with metal hooks or can lean to the floor with a bracket. Its 65 inches length is large enough to provide a full view of your body.

A high density and durable PS polymer used to make the frame of the mirror.

Beautiful pine wood color and sleek texture provide an elegant outlook of the mirror.

A bracket is available to lean the mirror to any side of your room. The design of the steel bracket with the frame is so secure to slip off the mirror.

Also, you can get the freedom to move around to other rooms based on mode and necessary.
You can use the bracket to decorate the bare corner, hallway, or corridor.

But to decorate any of the walls of the bedroom, bathroom, or dressing room, you may hang to the wall with two metal hooks.

The protective film behind the mirror prevents the glass from dropping to pieces. The protective film keeps you safe from any injury arising from broken glasses.

● Can mount on the wall with two metal hooks
● Can lean on the floor with a bracket
● Enough length to get the full view of the body.
● The protective flip adheres to the glass.

● The main component of a mirror is glass, and it is susceptible to damage during transportation.

KOHROS Large Antique Wall Mirror Ornate Glass

How To Hang A Wall Mirror – Beginners’ Guide 2The large antique wall mirror with ornate glass is the best choice to groom up properly and to decorate the room. The flowery design with the frame gives extra shine to the wall as well as the room.

The glass frame gives a distinctive look and light-reflecting effect that makes the mirror vanity. The mirror can hang horizontally and vertically as per your style.


The flowery design of the mirror gives a stunning look to the wall of your bedroom, dressing room, or bathroom.

The Grecian flower patterns surrounding the mirror give an outstanding, eye-catching look to any of your rooms.

The ornate glass frame is sparkling with the light of the room and gives an impression like a vanity mirror.

The glass frame adds additional shine to illuminate your room and provides enough light to groom up while you go outside.

The versatile use of the mirror gives extra benefits to decorate the wall. Depending upon the available space of the wall, you can hang either vertically or horizontally with a bracket adhered to the mirror.

The mirror can be used on a solo wall or can be used with other furniture also. Both ways of use provide a gorgeous look to your room.


  • Durable enough to last long.
  • The flowery design gives an incredible look to the room. 
  • Can hang vertically or horizontally.
  • The best choice to gift on any occasion.
  • Have a decent money-back guarantee.


  • The mirror is large and heavy, so necessary care to take when screwing up to the wall.

KOHROS Art Decorative Wall Mirrors

How To Hang A Wall Mirror – Beginners’ Guide 3KOHROS Art Decorative Wall Mirrors is a stylish decorative wall mirror that creates great illusions in your room. The round shape and hand-polished edgeless mirror decorate even the small space of your room.

The edgeless mirror gives the mirror enough precision to use with other furniture of the room and enhances the ultimate view of the room. It adds a stylish and artistic look to a room.


High-quality silver glass material gives absolute reflection and distortion-free images when you stand before the mirror.

The glass frame captures the light of the room and provides a vanity look to the mirror.

You can groom perfectly with vanity when stepping out from home. The glass frame makes the mirror edgeless. The edge of the glass is hand-polished, which ensures the proper safety of your hand.

It also provides enough brightness to decorate your dressing room or bathroom.

You can hang the mirror over the vanity table or on a wall of the bedroom. Either way creates an extra illusion to the wall.

The round shape of the mirror is optimal to fit any of your walls and give an elegant impact to the room.

The shape allows enough freedom to hang on any short space also.


  • Easy to install.
  • The oval shape gives flawless reflection.
  • The edgeless design makes your wall more decorative.
  • Hand polished edge ensures proper safety.
  • 100% money-back guarantee in case of any unusual problems


  • Frameless glass edges are prone to slip. So, attention to be taken

when you try to hang it on.

ElevensMirror Full Length Mirror Dressing Mirror

How To Hang A Wall Mirror – Beginners’ Guide 4The full-length mirror is designed to dress up or groom up perfectly. ElevensMirror not only gives a proper reflection of you but also provides a cozy look to your room.

The aluminum alloy frame adds bright looks and precision to the mirror. The mirror has the flexibility to hang on the wall or lean-to any place in your room.


ElevensMirror full-length mirrors are made of HD-quality glass that allows you to get the distortion-free super quality reflection. 

The underlying explosion-proof film prevents the glass from scattering around from any external force. 

The high-quality 4-layer glass ensures color and no odor throughout the lifetime of the mirror. 

The aluminum alloy frame surrounding the glass makes the mirror strong as well as allure. It makes the mirror durable enough to use for a longer period.

The standing holder gives the freedom to place it anywhere in your room.

You can lean it to the wall or place it in the hallway or corridor depending on your mood to decorate the room.

Also, have the facility to hang on the wall either horizontally or vertically to ornate.

The hassle-free set up of the mirror gives absolute freedom to fix it without any assembly cost.


  • Flexibility to lean or hang on the wall.
  • HD quality and explosion-proof glass.
  • 65 inches x 22 inches length gives a proper reflection of the whole


  • Add style and ornate your space.


  • The aluminum frame and quality make the mirror a bit heavy.

Mirrored Round Decor Mirror

How To Hang A Wall Mirror – Beginners’ Guide 5The gorgeous round shape with mosaic mirror decor makes the mirror fashionable, stylish, and elegant.

HD-quality glass gives an accurate reflection which can’t be possible for a low-end mirror. The unique design with a mosaic mirror glass frame creates perfect decor for the room.


The frame with square and round shape glass surrounding the mirror makes it unique and elegant. 

The silver HD-quality glass is enough to provide a distortion-free image that helps you to land natural makeup.

The mirror has two reinforced D-ring clips that guide you through hanging the mirror properly on the wall in a balanced way.

The round and square type glass on the frame makes the mirror large and gives shining day and night.

It creates a dramatic illusion for your space and expands the small space. The hand-polished edge makes the frame smooth and ensures both safety and beauty of the mirror. 

It also makes your bedroom, dressing room, or bathroom more bright as well as decorative. 

The design of the mirror best fits your furniture and enhances the current outlook. The round shape with an ornate frame creates a focal point of your wall.


  • The ornate frame gives a great illusion to the room.
  • HD-quality glass gives a distortion-free image.
  • The edgeless mirror enhances the brightness of the room.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.


  • The mirror does not give the best illusion on a large wall.

Final Takeover

A wall will increase your indoor ambient. Each wall mirror in our list is long-lasted and finest-material made.

Above all things, if you asked me for a recommendation. I personally prefer ElevensMirror Full-Length Mirror to use in your personal room space. It contains unique and beautifully crafted designs that create attention to any interior.

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