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10 Quick Interior Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Look Elegant

Designing a house to make it look elegant can be tricky. For one, some design elements can be tacky. And what you prefer may not be considered elegant.

If you’re running out of interior decor ideas that can make your home elegant, here are some tips you might want to try.

Aesthetic Mirrors

aesthetic mirrors

Mirrors are an underrated decorative tool in the house that can make a home more elegant. Aside from its obvious practical use, there are strategic and decorative ways to use mirrors for aesthetics.

You can place a large mirror right in front of a source of natural light, like a window, and it can spread the light around the room to make it look much brighter. This technique is much needed for spaces in your home that have a limited source of natural light.

You can also use artistic mirrors and put them on an empty wall if you have a room that lacks a centerpiece. There are plenty of aesthetic mirrors to add to a room and make it an artistic touch in the space.

Paint Color Matters

If you’re not afraid of color, the right choice of paint color can elevate the look of a room.

Sometimes, adding playful colors to your walls can make space look more exciting and appealing. With a strategic choice of colors, you can highlight the places that you want to emphasize in your home.

However, if you want to keep it safe, you can always stick to neutral colors or softer hues, like whites and light blues. They always make a room look elegant and make your space look brighter, making the area look larger.

Attractive Lighting

attractive lighting

NZ LED lighting company Halcyon says that you don’t need designer or luxury level lighting fixtures to make it look luxurious. You can get standard light fixtures and be strategic with curating and adjusting your lighting throughout the house.

One technique that you can do is add multiple lighting sources in one room, aside from that prominent lighting fixture. Aside from the usual ceiling lights, you can also add some plug-in sconces that add an extra element of luxury.

What’s great about this lighting technique is that it doesn’t need to be expensive for it to work. As long as you ensure that your various lighting pieces are cohesive and match each other, the connection will be seamless.

Suitable Furniture

Furniture choice will play a massive part in the appearance of your house. Depending on the room, different pieces of furniture will work best for the area.

It’s a good idea for you to have a clear theme or aesthetic to follow already before you start shopping. Doing so can help you narrow your choices down and have a clear picture of which ones to add to your home.

The key to making your home look elegant is to limit your furniture pieces. Give the room some space to breathe, and it will ensure that you give your furniture the chance to shine.

Crown Molding

Small details can affect the appeal of your home, which is why if you want a touch of luxury that’s subtle but ever-present, crown molding is the way to go.

Without crown molding, it can make your walls or even the room seems like it’s empty or something’s missing from it. If you feel that a room looks unfinished, consider adding crown molding if it doesn’t have one yet.

Simple, Strategic Accessories

Luxury and elegance are all about being particular with the add-ons and accessories you add to your home.

It’s not about including every single thing that makes your house look extravagant because it can look tacky if you do that. That’s why you’ll see that many elegant homes are strategic with the simple accessories that they add on.

Unless the piece you’re adding is the centerpiece of the room, adding too many showy elements in a space can be visually cluttered. Therefore, make sure that you are more particular about where and how you add some aspects to any room.

Eye-catching Paintings

eye catching paintings

Paintings are always an excellent addition to a room. Larger-than-life paintings can elevate the look of a space, especially if the rest of the room is more minimalistic. It can also be a conversation starter.

Of course, eye-catching paintings don’t have to be large paintings. Even smaller ones can hold a lot of details in them.

Accent Table 

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to add in a room that feels like it could have something more in it, consider adding an accent table. Accent tables are also a great addition to a part of your home that may feel empty but too small to add anything else. For example, an empty hallway can shine with the help of an accent table.

You can add all sorts of things onto your accent table, like a lamp or some magazines. Either way, it adds that pop of something to spruce up an area.

Floor-to-Ceiling Drapes

Floor-to-Ceiling drapes can help create a sense of visual height to space, making it look more grandiose. Some people even opt to install the curtain rack much higher than their windows to create that illusion of height. That’s because that illusion of space can make the room look more welcoming and refreshing.

Fragrant Candles

fragrant candles

When you come into the house and smell something light but fragrant, it adds another element to elevate the experience of being inside your home. Whether you have guests over or not, aromatic candles can add a touch of something that will make your home more memorable.

Of course, you have to be particular about the fragrant candles you add in as some candles’ scents are too much. You want to go subtle but still present enough to detect. The last thing you want it to be is annoying.


The ten quick home interior design ideas listed above can help you make a space look elegant.

Try these tips out when you’re itching to decorate or redecorate your home so that you can keep a touch of elegance to your house no matter what. And remember to add things slowly to ensure that it works well with your overall aesthetics.



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