6 Decorating Ideas for your Girl Bedroom

6 Decorating Ideas for your Girls Bedroom

Girls love to have their own space. It’s a place they can escape to and be themselves.

A girl’s room is more than just an area where she sleeps, it’s the place where she creates memories with her friends, gets excited about school, or shares stories of the day with mom.

But decorating a girl’s room is not as easy as choosing colors and furniture that are both cute and functional for her age group; there are many other factors that need to be considered when designing a girl’s bedroom so it feels like her own special sanctuary.

Start with the wall color – pink is a popular choice

pink wall

If you’re thinking about painting your daughter’s bedroom pink, there are a few things to consider. Pink is one of the more popular colors for girls’ rooms and it has been proven that this color can make people feel happier.

However, if she prefers another color then go with her preference!

One thing to keep in mind when decorating a girl’s room, in general, is how much natural light they get during the day.

Rooms should have plenty of windows so that not only will everything be brighter but also so that their moods won’t change as drastically depending on how long ago they last saw sunlight (i.e., winter), or because they live somewhere very dark such as London or New York City where street lamps turn on at dusk.

Need more light? Consider removing the window coverings for more open space.

Add in some artwork to personalize it

artwork on the wall

Add some artwork! One way is by hanging up framed pictures from the various periods in which she developed as well as childhood drawings done by people other than herself – this will help make it feel like home instead of just another room they need to spend time in before going back outside again.

Girls love adding personal touches like family photos and artwork that reflect who they are or what inspires them in life! Consider teaming these with some pretty window treatments so she can wake up each morning seeing her favorite memories right away.

Get rid of any clutter or messes that may be around

A cleanroom is a happy room! Make sure that there are no clothes lying on the floor, toys and books strewn about haphazardly, or otherwise any clutter.

This might seem like an obvious rule but it can be worth mentioning as sometimes children will keep things “hidden” in their beds or under furniture for long periods of time meaning that they’re not always apparent when walking around the house.

Every night before bed make sure to tidy up and put all belongings back where they belong. This goes for parents too who may want to set a good example by doing this themselves first!

Create a space for reading and relaxing by adding in window seats, pillows, and soft lighting

adding in window seats pillows

Finding a space to read is important for any girl. Reading before bed or in the morning can aid in relaxation and help her drift off more easily with her head-on pillows that are soft and fluffy from being well-loved and washed regularly.

Add some reading lights here, too so she doesn’t need to turn on other sources of light when it’s dark out. This will also create a cozy environment which may be what has been missing all along if you’ve never really given this kind of thing much thought!

The rest of your little one’s room should match these ideas – think about adding an additional window seat across from where she’ll sleep at night towards the back wall, painting walls pink as they’re soothing colors, swapping out an old mattress for one that’s more comfortable, and adding a couple of throw blankets to keep her cozy on chilly nights.

Don’t forget about lighting! Letting natural light into the bedroom is one way to make it feel cozy during wintertime months when waking up at dawn isn’t an option.

Install curtains between windows instead of shades as they allow more sunlight through (and save energy!), add lamps around the room with dimmer switches so kids can doze off easier at bedtime, use battery operated string lights over beds with fairy-tale motifs, or dress up an old lamp with a new shade in your favorite color.

Include furniture like desks, dressers, and nightstands that are age-appropriate for your child’s size

furniture on the girl bedroom

Add desks to their room for homework or crafting, dressers to organize their clothes and jewelry for the day ahead, and nightstands so they can set up a bedside table on which to place all of those important items you’ll be handed down from your own childhood

Consider adding pieces like shelves if that’s something she may want in her room.

Include some cozy seating too! A chair and ottoman make for the perfect place to curl up with a book next to her bedside table, while oversized chairs are great for curling up on when she wants company during long story readings before bedtime.

You can also add shelves where she can put her books so they’re easily accessible from any point in her room.

Add in things like lamps and mirrors to make this room feel cozier and personal.

lamp on the girl bedroom

Add lamps to their room so that they have light to read by and for when they want to do homework late into the night.

Mirrors will let them get a look at themselves from every angle, which is important as our children grow up more aware of their looks than ever before.

You can add a full-length mirror to her room to help her see how she looks when getting dressed, and a small one on the inside of her closet door for quick glances to make sure that they look their best at all times.

As your child grows up more aware of their looks than ever before, mirrors are important in every room.

A full-length mirror will let them get an idea about how they look when they put outfits together or pick out clothes in the morning, while a smaller mirror placed on the inner side of their bedroom closet doors can be used as a quick glance to check if everything is looking good.


After reading this blog, you should have some great ideas for decorating your daughter’s room. I hope it helps! If you’re still struggling to come up with a design, let me know and I’ll help out as much as possible.

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