10 Mirror Decoration Ideas to Make Any Bedroom Look Better

10 Mirror Decoration Ideas to Make Any Bedroom Look Better

Depending on the resources that you have, decorating your bedroom can be tricky. After all, your bedroom should be a tranquil space and show off your personality. As such, it’s challenging to find decoration pieces that can suit your taste and its purpose.

Hence, we suggest that you start with your bedroom mirror first.

Mirrors are an excellent way to decorate any space, yet it’s pretty underutilized. If this idea is sparking something in you, here are ten mirror decoration ideas worth trying out:

Sparkling Clean

Nothing can upgrade the look of any room better than ensuring that a mirror is clean.

Your bedroom may have looked rundown, but moving around some furniture pieces and keeping everything clean can spruce it up.

If you haven’t cleaned your bedroom for a while, you might want to give that a try. Don’t just do your regular or customary cleaning.

Give it the complete treatment and start from top to bottom. You’ll find that your bedroom doesn’t look as bad as you first thought it was, and this includes your mirrors.

When your mirrors are full of fingerprints and unknown speckles, it will certainly make your bedroom look dirtier than it should be.

Please give it a good cleaning and make sure that you use the right tools to not leave behind streaks or fuzz from the cleaning tool you used. With a sparkling mirror, your bedroom will look like it’s sparkling as well.

Bedside Attraction

mirror on bedside attraction

Nowadays, there are plenty of people adding a sizable rectangular mirror beside their bed. It’s becoming an increasingly popular trend, especially when people love taking mirror selfies to take photos of their outfits of the day.

If you want a modern but chic addition to the bedroom, a large bedside mirror is a way to go. Plus, you can go all different ways with this.

Some people have borderless mirrors leaning onto their wall, while some have mirrors on a stand.

Either way, make sure that it matches the style of your bedroom, so it looks seamless.

Mirrors Next to the Window

If you don’t have a large bedroom, you need to create an illusion of space to make your bedroom look more breathable.

Restraining yourself from buying stuff for your bedroom can only do so much. That’s why it’s time to start employing some tricks to fool the eye into making your bedroom look well-decorated.

A great way to do that is by using the space you have, such as between the window and wall. You don’t want to clutter that up with anything, especially when working with limited space. However, a long mirror installed here will do wonders.

It will make the room feel more decorated without making it feel claustrophobic and full of clutter.

Mirror Opposite the Door

Brightening up your bedroom is always a good idea because it makes it look fresher and welcoming. At the same time, additional light, incredibly natural light, into your bedroom makes it look more prominent, even if it isn’t. 

One way you can incorporate more light into your room is through the strategic placement of your mirrors. Installing a mirror opposite your bedroom door is a great way to make your bedroom look more prominent.

You can also install a mirror right by a window so that natural light can reflect off of that mirror and spread around the room to brighten up the area.

Wardrobe with Mirror Doors

A space-saving option is by installing a wardrobe that has mirrors on the doors.

You can quickly grab your clothes for the day and then look at your reflection to check yourself out. Plus, it will also make the room look more extensive as it will reflect light.

If the wardrobe is opposite a wall with a window on it, it’s going to be even better.

Wall Mirror

wall mirror

Wall mirrors are always a great addition to a room, especially if you have an empty wall that you don’t want to fill with pictures.

What’s excellent about wall mirrors is that they now come in all shapes and sizes. They can be borderless and can even come in weird shapes. They can be art pieces in themselves, so go crazy with it as much as you want to.

Simple Rectangular Mirror

You can convert your simple rectangular mirror into four pieces of square mirrors to add a bit of style and texture to your rectangular mirror. If you feel that a basic rectangular shape isn’t enough, you can do the four-piece method instead.

It’s exciting but still simple enough that it doesn’t look too outlandish.

Mirror and Wood Combination

For homes with naturalistic, bohemian, or minimalistic style, combining wood and mirror is something you might want to try.

Whether it’s a mirror with a wooden frame or a bedside table with glass doors, the combination is sleek, clean, and refreshing to look at.

Glamorous Framed Mirror

If you want your mirror to also serve as an art piece, you can’t go wrong with purchasing an utterly glamorous framed mirror. There are plenty of artistic mirrors out there that don’t go for the understated and modern, sleek look.

Antique gilded frames are a great way to make your framed mirror a statement piece. It’s certainly going to catch people’s eyes. Plus, it’s an excellent hack for bedroom decoration if you don’t have any ideas how to make your bedroom look well-decorated.

Dramatic Duo

If you don’t mind a bit of drama and pizzazz in your bedroom, consider installing two floor-length mirrors.

Install two floor-length mirrors on each side of the bed, behind the nightstand of each side. It can add an elegant and romantic feel to your bedroom. It would be even better if you customize the frames of the mirror to match the color theme of the room. That way, they don’t seem too out of place in the bedroom.

It’s going to add a grandeur to your bed that may not have been there before. It also creates a subtle spotlight on your bed, which is the star of the bedroom anyway.


Mirrors are an excellent addition to any space. Aside from letting you know if you’re a vampire or not, they’re also a perfect way to brighten up a room or decorate it without making it feel cluttered.

However, we always remind our clients at Cleaning Exec House Cleaning NYC that any mirror can be gorgeous as long as it’s sparkling clean.

If you’re decorating your bedroom, try at least one of the mirror decoration ideas here. That way, you can maximize your space and spruce up your bedroom simultaneously.

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