Square Mirror Wall Decor Ideas

Square Mirror Wall Decor Ideas

There is no better and easier decorative element to fit in every style and space than a mirror is. Whenever you want to upgrade the look of your interior, whether this is your home or office, mirrors will attain this aim.

Moreover, they will make your space look more spacious, lighter, elegant, and exclusive and make the sunlight become an indispensable part of the interior.

If you wonder how to incorporate mirrors in your working or living area, here are a couple of ideas that could help you make your space appealing and give it this magazine-like look. Find out the last trends in interior design and the best decor ideas that will make your walls special. 

Mirrors Are Top Trend of Any Interior Design in 2021

According to the New Decor Trend, one of the leading trends of interior design, aside from minimalism, geometric and tribal patterns, as well as the return of velvet and curved furniture shapes, will be the usage of mirrors. Since mirrors are a great solution both for large and small spaces.

Moreover, small rooms are particularly suitable for this trend because mirrors in some way double the size of the space. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate mirrors into your living space and create an ultra-modern and contemporary area. And the best way is you are completely free to choose what size of mirrors you will choose. 

Small, large, framed, or of full-length wall mirror size, mirrors are refined and unobtrusive decorations applicable to any space. Mirrors have great visual effects both in small and darker areas, and large and light rooms, too.

Moreover, mirrors have a practical purpose that allows us to exploit our house’s best characteristics to the maximum. While small areas start to look much larger and brighter, the large and light rooms become even more sunbathed, and diaphanous.

So, here are some ideas and practical pieces of advice on how to incorporate it properly into your space and beautify it. 

How to Choose Mirrors Size, Shape, Style, and Properly Position It? 

The first thing to consider when trying to incorporate the mirror into the room is what style and size your interior is. For example, if the style of your house is more traditional with ethnic elements choosing an ornate, carved, or gilt frame would be the best choice in this case.

On the other hand, if your space is ultra-modern and furnished according to the latest trends, then choosing large, precisely cut mirrors without frames and putting them into the central areas of the rooms will be the real hit. 

The Best Place for Mirror in the Living Room 

Most commonly, mirrors present focal points of every room, so the best position to put it in the central part of the room. If you have a fireplace within the living room area, hanging a mirror above it or making a whole wall of the mirror will be a great design hack. Another great place for large mirrors is spaced above sofas that will make the room even larger. 

Believe it or Not, Kitchen, Dining Room, and Mirrors Can Go Together.

Another great thing when it comes to mirrors is they are easily combined with other decorative elements such as stones or tiles. So, making such combinations of ceramic tiles and mirror cut in the size of tile can provide a great visual effect.

Another great place to put some interestingly decorated mirrors is above the dining table. Again, this way, you will highlight the best part of that room and upgrade the overall atmosphere. 

Entrance Halls Are Mirror-Friendly Places 

When it comes to the size of mirrors, some general rule is the bigger the mirror is, the better. This is especially applicable to small rooms like entrance halls are, which aside from the lack of space, have a lack of light, so setting an exquisite mirror in this room solves the problem at least visually. 

The Mirror Rule for Bedrooms Is – Less Is More 

Although mirrors are very popular to put in bedrooms, as FengShui’s ancient philosophy of interior design suggests, this is not the best decision to make.

Aside from the Feng Shui rules, having large mirrors in the bedroom could be unpleasant in case you surprisingly wake up during the night and see your reflection in the mirror, so make sure to place smaller, maybe even portable mirrors in your bedroom.

The best place to put a mirror within a bedroom is a dressing table since its size will be limited. 

Mirrors Can Be Used in Surprisingly Creative Ways 

Although simplicity and minimalism are leading trends of interior design for a couple of previous years, sometimes, more can mean more. There are incredibly creative ways to make mirrors interesting and combine them with different materials or even old-fashioned pieces of furniture that get new life. Using old window frames, making mosaics, asymmetric galleries, incorporating the details that match the style of the whole rooms are only some of the various potential mirrors.

Those courageous and ready to risk combine mirrors with tiles and incorporate them into the kitchen, placing them behind the kitchen counter, which gives a great effect, especially when fresh groceries are placed there. Another method to use mirrors creatively is to combine them with porcelain tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, which will have a gorgeous decoration effect.

Using these innovative solutions for incorporating the mirrors into your interior, your home will acquire this modern and magazine-look but still, it will be a comfortable and cozy place for living. So if this is the effect you want to achieve when it comes to your home atmosphere, don’t hesitate to be daring, and use mirrors in this different way.


Square mirror wall decor is a great way to add depth and dimension to any space. With just one square mirror, you can create an entire room of reflections that will make your home seem bigger than it really is!

So go ahead and try out some new ideas for how to use this decorative element around the house. You’ll be amazed at what a little bit of creativity can do with something as simple as mirrors!

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