DIY Tips to Make a Beautiful Parking Space at Your Home

DIY Tips to Make a Beautiful Parking Space at Your Home

One of the best ways to protect your car is to think about its parking space. Sure, while you’re at work or on a road trip, you won’t be able to affect where your car is in the park most of the day. At home, nonetheless, you have full control over this. 

Seeing as how the car is usually at home overnight, this is particularly important, seeing as how the parking spot affects your ability to protect it from theft and rough weather conditions.

Keep in mind that in the evening, temperatures tend to drop and if there’s something like a hailstorm or acidic rain, chances are that you might not even be aware of it until it’s too late. 

Here are five tips to help you make a beautiful parking space at your home.

Even if you have a garage, chances are that you won’t assign an entire garage space to this one function. Instead, you need to separate the areas. One area may serve as an unofficial storage space. Other areas may be reserved as workshops and be home to a workbench.

You also want to decide whether the garage can be approached from your home or just from the driveway. Based on this, you want to add some partitions.

If nothing else, you should draw a couple of lines on the floor in order to create a general sense of what should go where. If nothing else, this will give you a way to exercise your parking skills some more.

  • Flooring options

When it comes to flooring options, there are several things you could go for. The best two options are definitely either concrete or concrete pavers. Pavers are quite efficient because they’re inexpensive and visually pleasing. They are also easy to maintain.

If a concrete crack, you can fix the area but the result will never be the same, a crack in the paver is localized, which is why you just need to replace a couple and there you have it. Concrete also has many different finishes that can make your garage/parking quite luxurious looking.

Another reason why these two options are so popular is that they’re durable and resistant to stains of all sorts (especially oil stains).

  • Cover

There are several ways to provide your car with a cover. First of all, you can make a garage, which is an option that provides your vehicle with the ultimate protection.

Still, this option is also the most expensive one. Second, you could order a storage container, which you can rework in order to fit your vehicle. You should never underestimate the visual effect you can create with just a bit of paint.

Those who want something more stylish could potentially go for a pergola. Expert pergolas Sydney builders claim that this method is getting more and more popular with Sydneysider car owners. The most frugal but also the least efficient option would be to buy a car cover for your car.

  • Insulation

While heating your garage might be excessive, investing in quality insulation can do wonders in protecting your vehicle in the long run.

You already have the cover to protect your vehicle from rain and harm caused by sun rays, however, keeping your car warm will do wonders for its fluids. In some scenarios, it will also drastically affect your car’s ability to start under harsh conditions.

For this, nonetheless, you need to have a proper garage. Just clear the walls, look for gaps and cracks (seal them) and install fiberglass. Lastly, you should cover the insulation with drywall in order to seal the deal. While you’re at it, you might want to do some work on your home’s façade, as well.

  • A great driveway

The last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that a driveway to the garage makes as much difference as the garage itself. First of all, you need to plan this project and stake out the path.

Then, you should clear grass and the top layer of soil, after which you’ll be able to make an accurate calculation of the area that you need to cover. This is crucial in order to understand the quantities of materials that you’ll have to acquire.

Then, you need to prepare the site for digging and level the ground. The choice of materials is quite obvious – concrete. You should either pour concrete or use concrete pavers. Benefits of both of these flooring types we’ve already covered.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, making a great parking space at home is a matter of convenience, budget, and personal preference.

You should go with the best idea that you can afford, seeing as how the ROI of this investment is always positive. After all, your car is one of the most valuable assets that you own. Keeping it safe is always a top priority.

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