Environmentally Friendly Ways to Embellish Your Bedrooms

4 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Embellish Your Bedrooms 

It is said that the bedroom is a reflection of the person who resides within it. That is why if you’re someone who is environmentally friendly, you yearn to have a bedroom that reflects those values.

Fortunately, creating an eco-friendly bedroom for your home is much easier than it sounds. Thus the following includes four of the best ways you can begin to embellish your bedrooms with environmentally friendly additions. 

Starting with Your Bed

The bed is one of the most personal items in a bedroom. In fact, homeowners often take weeks to choose one because it needs to be just right in order for them to feel comfortable.

In this case, the process may take you a little longer because now you are looking for more than just comfort.

So, where should you start? If you are not ready to purchase a mattress just yet, you can begin with the bed frame.

One of the best routes to keep your bed frame eco-friendly is to go with wood. Wood is long-lasting, and when you do decide to get rid of it, the material will naturally decay, making little to no impact on the surrounding environment.

In terms of bedding, you should be looking for mattresses that incorporate materials such as natural latex. 

There are also eco-friendly options when it comes to the comforter. There are a lot of factors involved in making a comforter eco-friendly. There’s organic cotton vs synthetic materials, although organic cotton is more expensive.

Thankfully, the more wallet-friendly alternative of hemp textiles is becoming more popular on the market.

Hemp fibers are extremely soft and strong, making an ideal comforter material. You also want to look at the filling of the comforter to make sure it is sustainably sourced.

Real down, unfortunately, is not the most economical choice, but alternative down can give the same soft feeling without the damaging impact.

Altogether, being more eco-friendly can sometimes be more expensive than going with the cheapest option, but if you want your comforter to last a long time then the investment is worth it.

Eco-Friendly Bedroom Wall Upgrade

If there is one thing that will change the entire character of the bedroom, it’s the color of the walls. However, many of the wall paint brands on the market are not exactly the most eco-friendly.

In fact, you may end up doing more harm than good when you throw away the extra paint. Fortunately, you do have an eco-friendly option.

This includes the use of paper weave wallcoverings. Paper weave wallcoverings not only allow you to change the color of your wall but its design as well.

Utilizing eco-friendly practices and materials, going with this type of wallpaper is your best bet in bringing new life to the entire space.

This is a great alternative to traditional wallpaper, as paper weave brings their own texture that can add to the decorative appeal of your walls.

Of course, going eco-friendly doesn’t mean that you have to forgo paint for your walls. The trick is to go for non-toxic paints that don’t contain lead. Many of the higher quality options use organic proteins in place of water-based latex.

Another factor to consider is that the paint is stored in recyclable cans rather than one-use metals. Aluminum, in particular, is a highly recyclable material as opposed to many types of alloys.

Eco-Friendly Mirrors

There’s no doubt about it; one of the best ways to embellish the look of your bedroom is to add some accessories to it. A great way to fill your room up without damaging the environment is to look for furniture and accessories that are made from recyclable and eco-friendly materials.

This includes eco-friendly mirrors, made from recyclable glass and backing that look great on a vanity, a full-length wall mirror, or even just as accent pieces to help make the room feel more spacious. 

The ways companies work to make mirrors eco-friendly varies. Some use strictly raw materials such as wood for backing and cotton rope for hanging in a place of the traditional metals.

Others focus on the manufacturing process, reducing emissions, and using non-toxic solvents and binders and put a heavy emphasis on the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources. Any combination of these methods goes a long way in protecting the environment and makes for a great guilt-free purchase.

Eco-Friendly Lighting 

Lighting is very important for a bedroom to feel comfortable. However, buying traditional bulbs is not only costly but can damage the environment when you are constantly throwing them away.

Instead, it is recommended to utilize energy-saving lightbulbs that last you way longer but can also be connected to a light timer, which in turn helps conserve energy. You can also get these bulbs in decorative styles for better embellishment.

There are two main elements that make lightbulbs eco-friendly. One is the aforementioned energy savings created by efficient design.

The other include bulbs that are made of eco-friendly materials and by eco-friendly processing.

While many LEDs are efficient in how they burn, they aren’t made of recyclable materials and still fill up landfills. The best bulbs are made with recyclable glass and ceramic bases. 

There are several ways to incorporate a more environmentally friendly design into your bedroom. Beauty doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your ideals, especially when it comes to taking care of the environment.

When looking at decorations for eco-friendliness, look both at the materials used and the manufacturing process to ensure both hold up to scrutiny.

These are just a few ways you can make a more beautiful bedroom with a clean conscience.

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