Tennis Courts in Luxurious Houses Brighter with Lightings

How to Get Tennis Courts in Luxurious Houses Brighter with Lightings?

Sports lighting is incredibly important for performance and even the ability to perform.

Sure, some may say that lighting will handicap both players, which would even the field, however, this is an incredibly inaccurate and inefficient way of looking at things. Performing in sub-standard conditions and not being able to give their best is something that will affect the morale of both players. This will diminish satisfaction, hurt confidence, and much more.

Other than this, straining your eyes to see the ball is not a healthy thing. Moreover, an injury is far more likely in areas with bad illumination, even on a smooth surface.

Some people, prefer to keep tennis courts inside of their luxury homes, which means that the area is completely closed off. In other words, illumination is necessary even during the day.  

Basic factors and parameters

There are three things you need to focus on when choosing the right lighting for your home. 

First, you need to consider the dimensions of the court. A larger area will need more fixtures, it will also require more potent fixtures to cover the area. The height of the ceiling matters, as well, seeing as how the distance of the fixture also affects the illumination.

Then, there’s the issue of illumination level. Keep in mind that this is a functional light and that the visibility needs to be at a sufficiently high level.

An average illumination for a tennis court would be a total of 8 lights with 40,000 lumens of light each. The thing is that depending on the size and layout of the court, this may not be enough. Also, you might decide to split this differently.

One of the most important things regarding the illumination of a tennis court is the issue of light uniformity and distribution. This is quite a difficult thing to achieve and it may require professional tennis court lighting experts to access and install.

Standard sports field illumination

Before we continue any further, it’s important to stress out that there are three types of sports fields according to size. Each of these fields needs to have a light that meets its requirements.

  • Class I: Huge arenas, where spectators sitting far are supposed to see what goes on in the court. In tennis, spectators sitting dozens of yards are supposed to see a tiny ball moving at a great velocity. This is why this type of illumination is supposed to be so powerful.
  • Class II: Regional or local clubs can go for Class II illumination. These are usually lighting in sports centers, where viewing difference is shorter and audiences are smaller.
  • Class III: The Class III of a sports field is the one that we’re talking about – a private tennis field.

So, focus back on the Class III sports field, there are several parameters of illumination that you need to keep in mind. The ideal numbers are:

  • The horizontal illumination: >300 lux
  • Uniformity of illuminance: >0.5 Emin/eh ave
  • Glare: <55 GR
  • Light color temperature: >2,000 K
  • Light color rendering: >20 Ra

If the illumination of your indoor tennis court fulfills these criteria, you’ve done the right job. Keep in mind that the parameters for the outdoor tennis court would be slightly different.

When it comes to the court of the same or similar size, outdoor the horizontal illumination would have to be >200 lux, while uniformity of illuminance would have to be >0.6 Emin/Eh ave. The rest is the same, both indoor and outdoor.

The cost

Another factor worth keeping in mind is the cost of installation. Sure, a person with a tennis court inside of their own home can probably afford the costs of lighting but keep in mind that since this is a luxury, costs can sometimes be quite excessive.

Costs are not simple to calculate either. For instance, do you have to order lights from abroad? This will have to include the shipping cost and the shipping, on its own, creates all sorts of additional logistical issues. If you’re booking help, you’ll have to count on the delivery time and hope that nothing gets misplaced, mishandled, as well as that no parts are missing in the package. 

Aside from this, you also need to consider the cost of the installation. These lights are extremely power-hungry, which will also reflect on your energy bill (even if you’re using LED).

Again, some people won’t be concerned with the costs but if they’re making an effort to go eco-friendly within their home, this may become a matter of concern.

Look around for other requirements

Remember that some lights are recommended by regulatory bodies and some that are either prohibited or strongly advised against. Glare is pivotal in order not to hurt the eyes of players and diminish the experience of observers. 

If you’re working with the outdoor light, you need to be very careful and fully consider the potential lighting pollution. Imagine having a secluded villa in the hills but being unable to see the starry sky because your tennis court illumination is too strong. It may not seem like a big deal but it’s a huge quality of life handicap but it can also lower the resale value of your home quite drastically.

It is also smart to consider the type of fixtures and their positions. Hanging lights and downlights, as well as reflectors, are a standard-issue but some also prefer to go with pole-mounted lights.

Around the tennis court, this can be another fixture that the ball can bounce off. It can also be something that you can trip against. Overall, it’s usually not a great idea and it’s relatively easy to find something better.


Those who have never played tennis at night have no idea just how great and exhilarating this idea can be. For instance, a lot of tennis players find that they’re more flexible in the evening because their muscles are already warmed up from all the daily activity.

Second, it’s a great way to blow off some steam. Third, playing in your own home is either a fun activity for the whole family or a way to socialize with someone that you’ve invited over. All in all, great illumination for your court (regardless if it’s indoor or outdoor, can make this happen).

Having proper lighting on your tennis court will help you hone your tennis skills, increase the value of your home and give your home another interesting feature/function. Sure, the investment is significant but the value gained through it is more than worth it.

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