best mirror for small rooms

5 Best Mirror For Small Rooms – Buyers’ Guide

best mirror for small rooms pinMirrors create a whole new level for your rooms. But if you have small rooms, it can get tricky. You need to pre-plan while buying a mirror for your room.

How to keep mirrors in smaller rooms?

It may seem problematic to fit mirrors in less space. The trick is to take advantage of the mirror to make it look bigger.

Create an illusion of your room, which will make it look bigger. Keep the mirror in an obvious place. You can get a mirror on the ceiling of your room.

Also, you can get a full length wall mirror on the wall. If your room is full of shelves, you can get the size customized.

Use any of the free space you get. You can also use the various sizes of mirrors. That will make your room look more prominent & bright.

5 Best Mirror For Small Rooms - Our Guide

Ruomeng Jiolong Full Length Mirror Tiles

5 Best Mirror For Small Rooms - Buyers' Guide 1The Ruomeng Jiolong mirror is 100% user-friendly. It is a set of four mirrors.

Each of them comes in the same size. They can be 12/14/16 inches square mirrors.

You can place the mirror any way you want. You can put it in a rectangle shape or a square one. Also, you can place them in six different places in your room.

The placing of the mirror depends on your free space & your preference. The best thing I found about this mirror is the adjustability. Even if you shift your furniture, the mirrors won’t create a problem.

Moreover, if you want, you can just put one mirror in each room.


  • Adjustable
  • Allows you to become creative
  • Fits almost anywhere
  • Easily moveable


  • Comes with foam tapes. If you want to shift mirrors frequently, you might need to buy more tapes.
  • The design is DIY. So it would help if you made a firm decision about how & where to put your mirrors.

Full Body Floor Modern & Contemporary Full Length Mirror

5 Best Mirror For Small Rooms - Buyers' Guide 2This one is a fine long mirror with rounded corners from FOMAYKO brand. You can put it vertically or horizontally, depending on your space.

The frame of the mirror comes n three colors- black, gold, & rose gold. Choose the color that suits your room. It also has different sizes like 16″*24″, 22″*30″,65″*21″ & to see more sizes click here, I prefer the 65”*21” one if you have space.

Long mirrors complement smaller spaces.
The mirror edges make it safe. So you can put it anywhere without the fear of getting hurt. However, I feel the edges of the mirror make the room look small.


  • Safe from sharp edges
  • 3 color options


  • Round edges often make the space look small.

FANYUSHOW Full Length Wall Mirror

5 Best Mirror For Small Rooms - Buyers' Guide 314”x 50” wall mirror with black wooden edges. It comes with screws & hooks, which makes it easy to install. This frame comes with a beautiful design on it. The design makes it look spectacular.

However, if you have designed wallpaper, this mirror might look fancy. The waterproofing of this mirror adds a plus point. You can easily clean the mirror.

Also, there is no mirror distortion. However, it weighs 7.4LB, which is heavier than average mirrors.

Moreover, it is an eco-friendly mirror. Furthermore, you will get one year of warranty for this mirror.

The mirror has an explosion-proof membrane. It can protect the glass from falling.

Even if there is an external force, the mirror might balance because of its materials.


  • Ensures safety
  • Explosion-proof
  • 1-year warranty


  • Heavier
  • Might not suit a modern interior

Huimei2Y Full Length Mirror for Bedroom

5 Best Mirror For Small Rooms - Buyers' Guide 4This one is a 50×14 inches rectangle wall mirror. The mirror is made with distortion-free glass, which gives you an HD reflection.

It is a floor-standing mirror. As it needs to stand vertically, it won’t need much width of the room. However, since it is a long mirror, you can not place it above another piece of furniture.

As a result, you have made a separate space for it. This can be troublesome as your room has insufficient space. Framed by black wood, it contains an engraving with a classic design.

The design looks very classic. So if your room has a minimalist look, this mirror won’t suit your room. However, if you want a classic look, this mirror will look aesthetic.


  • Brings elegance to your room
  • HD mirror with three layers


  • Maintaining the mirror frame can be difficult.

LVSOMT 61"x14" Wood Framed Full Length Mirror

5 Best Mirror For Small Rooms - Buyers' Guide 5This mirror is a large mirror with 61″H x 14″W. You can get a full glance of yourself at once.

The mirror has a wooden frame. Being premium wood, the frame is easy to clean.

The mirror is 1.5 cm thick, which is much more than most other mirrors. Hence, the mirror is strong enough to hold external pressure.

Built with transparent glass, the mirror is coated with silver. Furthermore, the glass is shatterproof & explosion-proof. This ensures the security of your family.

You can easily learn the mirrors against the wall. Also, you can mount it on any wall. 

No hassle of installation! No drilling, no screws. It comes ready for you to keep anywhere in the room you want.

However, I think if you plan to lean it against the wall, choose the most inner corner of your room.

What’s more, is LVSOMT is offering after-sale services. So if you have any problem with the mirror, you can contact them afterward.


  • Dual usage- can be leaned against the wall or mounted on the wall.
  • A thick mirror coated with silver ensures safety.
  • Moveable


  • It can move aside if there is any pressure on your leaned mirror. So you might need to correct the position after your house party.

Final Takeover

A mirror is no longer a luxury; rather, it has become a necessity. Having a small room reduces the opportunity to own a gorgeous mirror. We hope our article has helped you to have a mirror in your sweet little home.

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