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Best LED bathroom vanity mirror – Buyers’ guide [2021]

best led bathroom vanity mirror pinA mirror is like the heartbeat of a bathroom. Recently the LED illuminated vanity mirror has become the new love for makeup lovers. A LED mirror will also elevate any bathroom decor to the “next level.”

A LED mirror is very practical when you are putting on makeup. The lighting is uniformly distributed.

The mirror has enough light to observe finer details. You don’t need to put pressure on your eye. A regular one often creates shadows and hardly makes an illuminated image.

Most of the LED mirrors have an adjustable light setting and a defogging option. You will be able to see a crystal –a clear reflection of yourself.

Moreover, the mirror can serve you for more than 40 years. This high functioning product will also save energy. You don’t have to worry about the utility bill.

If you are looking for the best LED bathroom vanity mirror, this article is for you. It will give you in-depth knowledge of some of the specifics about LED mirrors and the different types of mirrors you can find on the market today.

Let's Take A Look At Some Best LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Keonjinn 40 x 24 Inch Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror

Best LED bathroom vanity mirror - Buyers' guide [2021] 1This copper-free mirror with integrated LED light is the perfect size for your bathroom. The adjustable LED light will perform according to your wish.

You have to press the switch for some seconds. Moreover, its memory function remembers your favorite light setting. Its color temperature is 6000k.

The mirror’s anti-fogging option will provide you a clear reflection. A separate switch for operating this option will also save energy.

The mirror is made with a silvered reflection layer, which is environmentally friendly. It also has waterproof and moisture-proof backing.

Moreover, it has an IP54 rating to ensure safety in a wet bathroom. The product goes through dropping, impact, and heavy pressure test for the safety of delivery.

Packaging also has been improved for the protection of the mirror’s corners, back, and front.

The mirror has a lifespan of 50000 hours. It will serve you 45 years if you use it for 3 hours per day.


  • Energy-saving.
  • Well secured packaging.


  • Installation instruction is incomplete.

OOWOLF best LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Best LED bathroom vanity mirror - Buyers' guide [2021] 2This dimmable quality mirror will suit your bathroom space very easily. It has a size of 26 x18 inches, which will offer a perfect wider view.

The anti-fog system aids in providing a clear reflection of the images. The brightness can be adjusted with a round touch button from 10 -100%.

The memory function will remember your favorite light setting. The bulbs function at 4000K color temperature with AC85-265V. Its CRI is around 80, which will protect your eyes.

A 20W power supply the product has, and the durability of the LED is almost 50,000 hours.

This wall-mounted mirror comes with the mounting screws and wall hardware for faster set-up.


  • Easy installation process
  • Cost- friendly


  • Relatively small

Keonjinn 36 x 28 Inch Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror

Best LED bathroom vanity mirror - Buyers' guide [2021] 3This wall-mounted vanity mirror is basically for everyday makeup users. It has an adjustable LED light around the mirror’s entire body, and you can control the brightness of the light. To change the volume of brightness, press the round button for 3 seconds. 

It also comes with a system for preventing the fog from invading the mirror. You don’t need to wipe your mirror with anti-fog spray multiple times per shower. The mirror has a waterproof and moisture-proof backing feature.

A copper-free silvered reflection layer is present in the materials of the mirror. In wet bathroom environments to ensure safe lighting, it also has an IP54 rating.

 The package provides a screw mount to install it.

The LED light will serve you more than 50,000 hours. If you use it for 3 hours per day, it will last around 45 years. 


  • The LED light is long-lasting
  • Built-in anti-fogging feature


  • It requires electrical installation

KAASUN 28" x 20" Inch LED Bathroom Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirror

Best LED bathroom vanity mirror - Buyers' guide [2021] 4If you don’t like warm lighting, you may like this 6400k cool white LED mirror. PVC covers the 5050 high quality LED strip. The bulb also gives you a 24w power supply. 

The mirror has an automatic defogging option. It functions when the LED light is turned on. It will help you to have a clear reflection. The mirror is 4mm eco- friendly aluminum framed.

It is also protected from corrosion. Moreover, the mirror has a waterproof level of IP44 rating. It will protect the mirror from damage in the wet bathroom.

It has a galvanized baseboard cover on the back. This cover protects the power supply to ensure safety.

It supports both horizontal and vertical hanging. You will need an electrician’s support for the wiring.

The mirror is packaged in a reinforced box. The company ensures you receive the delivery in good condition.  


  • Cool colored lighting
  • Corrosion-resistant material


  • Complicated installation

TokeShimi 40 x 24 Inch LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Best LED bathroom vanity mirror - Buyers' guide [2021] 5This elegant LED light mirror will make your old bathroom brighter and bigger. Its anti-fog technology won’t let you wait to have a crystal clear reflection. 

The brightness of the light is adjustable to your liking. You have to press the button for 3 seconds to change the lighting from the dimmest to the brightest.

It has a special memory function. It will remember your preferred light setting when you turn it on next time.

The mirror has a 5mm quality glass. The materials of the mirror are copper-free and also have a protective silvered reflection layer.

The materials are environment-friendly. Its IP54 waterproof rating ensures safe lighting in a wet bathroom environment. 

The mirror will serve you for almost 50,000 hours. It will last around 45 years if you use it for 3 hours per day.

Each mirror is packaged with a customized thick foam box. The mirror also goes through drops, impact, and heavy pressure testing to ensure its safe delivery.


  • Energy saving
  • Memory function


  • Little hard to install

Final Takeover

The number of LED mirrors in the market is quite large. For your convenience, this article comes with a list. You will find in-depth details of every suggested item here.

If you are still confused, you can buy Keonjinn 40 x 24 Inch Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror. It is the best choice for a mid-range budget.

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