decorate a dresser with a mirror

How to decorate a dresser with a mirror

Dressers are great for storing clothes, but they can also serve as a place to get ready in the morning. If you have one that is not being used, it can be decorated with a mirror and some other items to make it more functional! This blog post will show you how to turn your ordinary dresser into something beautiful.

Use a dresser with a mirror to create the illusion of an infinite space

Use a dresser with a mirror to create the illusion of an infinite space

Decorating a dresser with mirrors is a great way to create the illusion of infinite space. One good option for this is using two or three large, rectangular mirrors that can be hung side-by-side on one wall.

The placement will depend on the width and height of your mirror so make sure you take measurements beforehand! If you don’t like hanging things from walls, then put them up in front of windows instead. Mirrors are tricky since there’s always potential for damaging furniture with nails when mounting them to something else but they also have a tendency to fall off if not mounted securely enough–so use caution!!

Place lamps on either side of the mirror to provide light

When you are looking in the mirror, it is not just your reflection that you will see. You can also enjoy the light from the lamps on either side of the mirror with this setup!

It will bring aesthetic light and make your experience looking into the mirror much more enjoyable.

This is a great way to decorate an empty dresser or piece of furniture without spending too much money! You can also use this idea in any room you need extra light, such as bathrooms that have no windows for natural lighting but still want something beautiful on their walls.

Add decorative items such as pillows, frames, or plants for added visual interest

Along with adding lamps, you can also add some decorative items to the dresser. This will make your space look more interesting and pleasant for those times when you are not looking in the mirror.

Pillows or framed pictures on either side of the mirror are a great way to get that extra detail into your decor! Plants such as ivy or succulents can be an easy addition (they grow well indoors!) if they match your style and theme.

Hang art in front of the mirror to create depth and dimension

Hang art in front of the mirror

You can also use the mirror as a way to make your space feel more open. Hang art in front of it, creating depth and dimension that would otherwise be lost without one! This is an especially good idea if you have trouble seeing due to age or other visual impairments – this will help create the illusion of distance for you while still being able to see everything clearly through the glass.

The art can be prints or paintings, but make sure they have a similar style and color palette to avoid clashing.

Add curtains on either side of the dresser for privacy and decoration

If you have trouble seeing or someone is in the room with you, then adding curtains on either side of your dresser will help keep things private. They also add a nice decorative touch to any space!

Add an upholstered bench behind it for seating and extra storage

Place furniture that matches the mirror’s style at each end (such as chairs) so that people can sit down and enjoy looking through this cool piece of art. If there are drawers underneath, make sure they’re deep enough to hold all your jewelry – after all, what use would an amazing dressing table be without somewhere to store your new necklaces?

Use accessories that match your room’s color palette

Use accessories that will help your dresser blend in with your room’s color palette. Putting a mirror on the wall is one easy way to update any space that isn’t too cluttered and has some empty walls

Decorate it!


The mirror is an easy way to spruce up a dresser and add some depth. If you’re looking for other ways to decorate your dresser, try adding knobs or handles that are unique from the rest of the furniture in your room. For example, if everything else on your dresser has brass hardware but you have a silver jewelry box, go ahead and use silver drawer pulls instead!

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