How to Clean a Hazy Mirror

How to Clean a Hazy Mirror Like a Pro?

Other than letting us check ourselves before leaving, a mirror has many uses:

However, you cannot achieve these benefits if your mirror is hazy and full of smudges.

Keep in mind that dust and dirt can accumulate over time, making any furniture piece look like a drab. This includes your mirror.

Luckily, there are affordable and quick cleaning tips that you can do to keep your mirror clean.

White Vinegar

One readily available ingredient in any household is white vinegar. That’s because it is well-suited for surfaces such as mirrors and window glass. It gets the job done as well. 

Now, if you are a bit worried about the lingering smell of vinegar afterward, it eventually fades away. 

To clean, pour white vinegar in a spray bottle, spraying it over a cloudy mirror. But avoid spraying the frame, especially if it is wooden. Next, crumple an old newspaper, then slowly wipe off the vinegar from the glass. 

Rub until you get a shiny, streak-free glass. When wiping, give enough strength to wipe off those stains, but not so much that it will break the glass.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also one of the most effective cleaning ingredients, if not the most versatile.

We don’t recommend it for all types of cleaning surfaces as it can be a bit harsh. However, it’s an ideal solution for cleaning mirrors. It cuts through the cloudy firm of murky mirrors, giving you a clear reflection. 

Rubbing alcohol can also act as a powerful sanitizer because you can use it as a solution to clean your bathroom mirrors regularly. 

Shaving Cream

You might be surprised, but shaving cream also does a great job in cleaning hazy mirrors. Other than that, shaving cream can also prevent your bathroom from fogging up every time you take a shower. Who knew, right? 

Here’s how you can do it: 

Place a little bit of shaving cream all over your mirror. Then, using a microfiber cloth, buff the cream off until it’s spotless. 

It’s that simple! Not only is this technique super easy and quick, but it will also give you a shiny mirror in no time.

Water and Microfiber Cloth

Another tip is to dampen a microfiber cloth, using it to wipe the mirror, yet avoiding the frame. 

Using micro cloth is ideal when you clean fragile and sensitive things, such as mirrors, because they do not leave links. 

Jeweler’s Rouge

Usually, jewelry stores sell jeweler’s rouge, or otherwise known as a red rogue. These are often used in polishing lenses or metallic jewelry. 

It is either in the form of a powder, paste, or stick. You can rub this on a specific area and then wipe it using a microfiber cloth. 

Note that this can be a bit time-consuming, especially if the dirt is embedded in the glass. But keep on wiping it so that you can quickly get rid of smudges and stains. 

Paint Scraper

A mirror may appear cloudy because of a thin paint-like residue. 

Usually, a scraper has a large, flat Stanley knife blade. You can use it to safely remove residue film off without making any scratches on the mirror. 

A DIY Mirror Cleaner

When you’re dealing with a stubborn milky film in your mirror, consider using a DIY mirror cleaner. This is ideal for spots and smudges on the mirror that won’t go away. 

Combined with a kick of rubbing alcohol and vinegar, this DIY cleaner will help dissolve the residue that’s present in your mirror. Cornstarch is famous for its ability to absorb grease and oil. Hence, you can use it to remove the milky film on your mirror. 

You may also consider putting essential oil into the mix with the essential oil of your choice. This gets rid of the foul smell from your mirror and always leaves it smelling fresh and clean. 

Basic Cleaning

According to Planet Maids Maid Service NYC, you can also use the basic cleaning method for everyday cleaning. This cleans dirt, smudge marks, and fresh grime off the mirrors.

For basic cleaning, you will be using water. Similarly, one can also use a damp towel or spray bottle to make the work a lot easier. 

Similarly, here are some helpful cleaning tips: 

  • Dusting off mirrors before wet cleaning makes the job a lot easier. 
  • Make cleaning solutions using distilled water. The materials found in hard water leave splotches and streak marks behind. 
  • Cover mirror frames (especially wooden ones) with old towels so that you can protect them during wet cleaning. 
  • Use an even-footed stool to reach the very top of a large mirror. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve a streak-free finish. 

Over to You

Here’s the thing: Your mirror can be an investment.

It is not because it can help increase your home’s market value. However, it can make your home appear spacious and inviting.

Hence, it is sensible to keep your mirror sparkling clean. And here are some affordable cleaning products that you can use to do that:

  1. White vinegar
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. Shaving cream
  4. Water and microfiber cloth
  5. Jeweler’s rouge
  6. Paint scraper
  7. DIY Mirror Cleaner
  8. Basic cleaner

If you are quite distracted by the streaks and lint in your mirror, the cleaning tips listed above can help you get rid of them. Plus, you should clean it regularly.

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