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Safal Bharat 799 : The Ultimate Plays to earn money

Now, friends, allow us to provide you with an unbiase evaluation of the Safal Bharat 799 company so that you are informed of our organization’s goals and the benefits and drawbacks of participating.

You may find all of the company’s information in a single blog post. Find out more about SafalBharat799, its business model, profitability, and if it’s a fraud.

To find out everything there is to know about this platform, scroll down this page.

An overview of Safal Bharat 799

Safal Bharat 799 is an MLM company that is quite new. It describes itself as an instructional platform and was just revealed. It was also registered under the MCA on January 4, 2023. You may earn money with this company by assisting others in connecting and by watching advertising.

The company’s creator and well-known YouTuber is Jasim Ansari. The head office of his firm is located in Jamui, Bihar. They claim that Safal Bharat has started providing services to its users. because when people invest in other firms, they are deceive and lose both money and time.

Company Profile Overview

DirectorsJASIM ANSARI     
Date of Launched 04/01/2023    
Customer Care Number+918102724300             

Safal Bharat 799 Features

You all are aware that company success depend on the features they provide to the customer. Given below are the few feature of using Safal Bharat 799 website are:-

  • Increased Productivity: Workers who are given the freedom to choose their own schedules usually produce more. When they are most productive, they might work.
  • Increased Worker Happiness: The website Provide flexible work schedules that may increase worker happiness, which in turn may raise morale and reduce stress.
  • Savings: Employees with flexible schedules can work part of the workday from home, which reduces overhead expenses like office space and power.
  • Meeting Diverse Needs: Every employee has different requirements and limitations. A varied workforce may accommodated by offering flexible hours.

Various Services Available on the Website

The company sells digital products, such as courses that are available for purchase as e-books; the list is given below.

  • IT & Software
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Health
  • Audio Video

The official website states that there are around 400 e-books accessible.

Step to Register on the App

If you want to register on Safal Bharat, you must follow the steps listed below:

  • You may use the SafalBharat799 app click the link to download safal bharat app https://shorturl.at/apJ16 or the official website to confidently begin the registration procedure.
  • After choosing the registration option, you may start entering your personal data in the registration form that shows up on your screen.
  • Personal data includes things like names, phone numbers, email addresses, ages, and other specifics. to keep them entirely occupied.
  • You may pay for utilizing your adverts for exchange with a debit card, credit card, or UPI money transfer now that the payment website has launched.
  • After completing all the required fields, click submit to complete the Safalbharat799 app registration process.

Steps for Safal Bharat 799 Login

After you have created an account on the website, now you need to follow the given below step to make you Safal Bharat 799 Login are:-

  • Visit the official website .
  • Once you are into the website you need to search for the “Login” option.
  • When found click on it and enter all the login credential asked with you like:
  • Once you have enter all the details you need to click on the “Login” button. In this way you can make yourself successfully safal bharat login.

Various Plan of the Safal Bharat Income

You may earn money in this platform by viewing commercials and urging people to sign up. However, rather than getting the money, you have seven different sources of income.

  1. Daily Self Income

Every day, you are given different tasks to complete in this, including watching adverts. It will need five to ten minutes to finish. In return, you get paid ₹30 every day.

  1. Return Package Income

You need to get 10 people into your downline in three days to get your ₹ 799 investment back. The whole amount of your money will thereafter be refunded to you. which you may also remove.

  1. One Time Level Income

There is a cap on this revenue for the first five tiers. This suggests that new members who join up to five levels below you will give you a commission. How much commission will you earn, and at what level? This is a rundown of them.

Level 1₹ 5                   
Level 2₹ 4
Level 3₹ 3                   
Level 4₹ 2                   
Level 5₹ 1                   
  1. Daily Level Income

You have managed to retain every new recruit in Safal Bharat 799 with your leadership. You are going to receive level money each day, up to a maximum of five levels. Everyone who is five positions below you is included. A commission based on a portion of their daily income will be given to you.

Level 1₹ 4            
Level 2₹ 3
Level 3₹ 2                  
Level 4₹ 2                   
Level 5₹ 1                   
  1. Franchise Income

When you hire a lot of people for your company, the website gives you free IDs. It’s known as Franchise Revenue. The ID you will obtain for free as you add more users is displayed in the chart below.

FranchiseFree ID   
  1. Reward Income

This provides you with several records about team building. This represents the attainment of your rank. For instance, you will receive ₹ 500 as a gift and Star Rank if you can get 15 individuals to reach the first level. Aside from this, you might make up to ₹ 1000 per day by remaining in Star Rank.

Rank LevelTeam RewardRewardCapping      
Star 1st15₹500 ₹1000              
Super Star 2nd75₹1000 ₹1500            
Gold 3rd400₹2000 ₹2000               
Royal Gold 4th800₹5000 ₹2500                
Diamond 5th1600₹10000 ₹4000              
  1. Cashback Income

When you recharge your phone using the Safal Bharat App when necessary, you get rewarded with 2%. Recharges for mobile devices may be made using the cashback.

Using Safal Bharat 799 is legal or fraud?

Safal Bharat 799 is a direct selling firm with an MCA registration. Nevertheless, the business disobeys several direct selling rules, including providing premium goods and having a refund policy. The company’s retail profit should be higher than its networking profit in order to stop the development of structures that resemble pyramid schemes. The sole method by which the business is run is through an investment program, in which participation involves a one-time personal commitment. You will paid a commission as more individuals make investments.

Terms & Conditions

While using the website there is various rules and regulation.given below are the few of them:-

  • Its registration is open seven days a week, at all hours of the day and night. With the Safal Bharat App, you may withdraw up to 200 rupees without any limitations or registration requirements.
  • You need to have one person directly under you in order to withdraw 300 rupees. There must be two individuals right underneath you in order to withdraw 400 rupees. You are always able to take money out if you have two direct downlines. 
  • Commissions are paid out on a five-tier basis; however, in order to be eligible, you must have ten or more direct downlines. A 15% deduction is levied upon withdrawal. Ten percent of all transactions using the Top-up Wallet. If you make a withdrawal without a PAN card, 20% will be deducted. 
  • It takes withdrawals from 10:30 am until 1 pm Sundays are not accessible for use in the Task and Withdrawal Systems because of system maintenance.

In conclusion

Safal Bharat 799 presents itself as an MLM company that pays for network growth and ad viewing. Even though the website is registered, concerns are voiced regarding its informational gaps, lack of product quality certification, and compliance with direct selling guidelines. Think carefully, research thoroughly, and seek out trustworthy sources of information before considering engaging in such activities.

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