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Red Door Yellow Door – Real or Fake?

Red door yellow door is a trending game which emerged from a popular social media site TikTok. This game supposedly makes people feel that they are interacting with the supernatural, But does it actually work? Let’s find out.

About the game

The first requirement of this game is two players, where player 1 acts as a guide and player 2 as the person put into a trance. The guide here sits on the floor and player 2 supposed to lay with his/her head on the lap of the guide with his arms vertical towards the ceiling while visualizing a hallway with many doors.

Next, the guide starts rubbing on both sides of the temple of player 2 while repeating “Red door yellow door any other color door” until player 2 successfully falls into a trance-like state and then the arms must put down.

Few rules to follow

  • Do not play if you suffer from any mental illness.
  • Lighter color doors are better than darker colors.
  • Going upstairs is better than going downstairs.
  • Do not interact with an old man in a suit or an old lady.
  • If you find yourself in a room with that old man or lady, exit the room immediately.
  • If you step into a room with no other doors than the one you entered, exit immediately.
  • Never do it alone.

Does this work?

To understand this game we need to touch upon Sigmund Freud’s Unconscious Theory – unconscious state of mind, where our fears, phobias, urges, or anything we find socially unacceptable or unpleasant like emotions of suffering, fears & pain reside.

This game works by taking you into your unconscious state of mind, this part of the brain is not easily accessible unless you go through a meditative state or through hypnosis. The doors you see here behind them the unpleasant or unacceptable emotions that are hidden in the unconscious mind.

The rules of not interacting with the old man or woman made based on the theory of Carl Jung’s shadow theory. Have you have ever maliciously acted out of impulse and right after you think “What was I doing”, if yes congrats you just bravely encountered your shadow. The shadow is an innate part of our personality which exist but we reject or repress. The old man or woman in the trance state represents the shadow & interacting with it can cause traumas.


This is not a regular game & should left for the psychologist to help patients. Without psychologist as a guide there’s a lot at stake, even your own sanity. If you play another interesting game then you click the link unblocked games 66

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