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McDonald’s sales Dented By Israel-Gaza Boycott

American food company MacDonald’s is once again embroiled in controversies. If you are a McDo lovers you can give your special reviews on Mcdolistens website. In this post we read why McDonald’s sales boycott. 

Actually, the food chain company had announced to provide free food to Israel soldiers during the Israel-Hamas war, but due to criticism in Arab countries, it had to give a clarification. The company has given clarification in Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia and has said that it will provide financial assistance in relief efforts in the Gaza area.

At the same time, the Saudi Arabian franchise has distanced itself from the decision of the Israeli McDonald’s franchise. Branch said that was his personal decision. We do not act as agents of any country or institution.

What did the Israeli Military say? 

MacDonald’s franchises have walked out of a decision to give 4,000 free meals to Israeli ships and offer 50 percent discounts on many food items.

The Israeli military said it has prepared a ‘coordinated’ attack involving air, ground and naval forces in the Gaza Strip. The army said in a statement on its website on Saturday night that it is preparing for a large-scale attack. Israel has ordered nearly half of Gaza’s population to evacuate their homes ahead of a possible ground attack in response to a cross-border Hamas attack.

MacDonald’s stores lose due to anti-Israel boycott

McDonald’s franchisee is suing the pro-Palestinian movement, claiming it lost more than $1 million due to their anti-Israel protests. 

McDonald’s previously faced fake petitions in several Middle Eastern countries after a location in Israel announced they were giving free meals to Israeli Defense Forces soldiers.

On 17 October, McDonald’s Malaysia released a statement on their website announcing that they were donating 1 million Malaysian ringgit ($216,000) to the Palestinian Humanitarian Fund created through the country’s government.

McDonald’s is one of several companies facing a boycott in the Middle East, including Starbucks and Coca-Cola over accusations of supporting Israel’s war in Gaza.

McDo lose huge amount

McDonald lost money it claims “misinformation” on Israel-Hamas war. 

McDo is one of many multinational corporations feeling the impact of the international boycott following Hamas’s surprise attack in Israel on October 7,2023.


In this post we knew why McDo boycott by Israel. A huge amount of money he faced by boycott through Israel.

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