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Finviz: A Comprehensive Guide to US Market Domination

FinViz offers an incredible array of capabilities, with a primary focus on US markets. It offers everything you could possibly need, including stock screeners, portfolio management, news feeds, and stock charts.

With an emphasis on its futures chart, we will go deeply into its universe in this essay.

Finviz Overview

Finviz is a privately held firm located in New York that offers financial visualization tools for the stock market, stock research, and stock screening. It, aimed for both individual and institutional investors, lets users search for equities and track stocks as they move.

You may get real-time market data and backtest up to 24 years’ worth of different combinations of 102 technical indicators with it’s premium service.

Features of using the Finviz

Given below are the few features of using the website are given below:-

  • Finviz Stock Screener: This tool facilitates the comparison of U.S.-listed stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs); however, it is not available for ADR and OTC stocks, nor for commodity firms whose common stock trades on international exchanges.
  • Charting: While many stock trading applications have excellent charting features that allow you to purchase company shares and do technical analysis all on the same platform, many also prioritize free trades and micro investing above research tools.
  • Heat Maps: You may view the performance of specific stocks and ETFs with this eye-catching tool. Businesses are arranged according to industry (e.g., technology, energy, healthcare, railroads, communication services).
  • Groups: The performance of sectors over a certain trading range is highlighted by the Groups feature. The success of several industries, including real estate, banking, and energy, may be compared.
  • Portfolio: You can keep an eye on the performance of your watchlist positions and holdings with the Finviz portfolio tracker. Premium customers can create up to 100 separate portfolios, while free accounts may only create 50.
  • News: A lot of premium and free stock research services compile news stories. To get a sense of what’s going on and maybe learn something new, you can peruse the “News” or “Blogs” columns or view headlines that are exclusive to each ticker.
  • Futures: The fin viz futures page displays prices and charts for the commodities, energy, bonds, softs, metals, meats, grains, and currencies sectors of the market. This data may be shown in several chart layouts that are highly comprehensible and can be limited by a certain time frame.

Process to Register on the Website 

In order to register on the website, you need to follow the given below steps are:-

  • First foremost select one of the most used browsers from the device.
  • Once the browser is selected, visit the official website.
  • As you are into the website click on the “Register” button which is located on the right sight of the tab.
  • As you clicked the button you will be redirected to a new page where you need to fill the personal details like : 
    • Email
    • Password
    • Confirm Password
    • Once the filling of the details has been done, you need to click on the “Register” button. In this way you can successfully create an account on the website.

Process to Login into the Website

To login into the website you need to follow the given below step are:

  • Visit the login portal of the official website.
  • One you into the website You need to fil; the login credential like: 
    • Email 
    • Password
    • After you have filled all the details correctly click on the “Login” button.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using the website

Given below are the few points that state what are the wrongs and rights of the website are:-


  • Free: Well, excellent software only gets better when it’s given away for free to everybody. Elite is a premium edition that costs around $25 per month, although the free version is so good that you probably won’t need it.
  • Simple UI: It is incredibly intuitive, but robust, user interface (UI) is what makes it so remarkable. The functionality as a whole is quite amazing.
  • Offering Depth: It provides a wealth of technical, descriptive, and fundamental stock information. Additionally, it provides excellent heat maps, insider trade feeds, and fast, consistent search results presentation.
  • Insider Sales Tracking: It’s a good idea to stay off the other side of a deal when insiders of a firm begin selling or purchasing stock. It offers information about insider trading to ensure you stay up to date.


  • Advertisement: Freebies frequently have issues, one of which is the presence of video advertisements. It is a free edition that shows video advertisements, which may irritate you if you’re not comfortable seeing commercials from strangers.
  • Freemium model: A few of the best features aren’t accessible at no cost. Due to It usage of a freemium business strategy, the basic finviz screener is provided without charge, while the more advanced features need payment. 
  • Both unresponsive and not mobile-friendly
  • excludes OTC and ADR listings and only includes U.S. stocks.

How Much Does Finviz Cost?

It has one premium membership category in addition to two free options. To test the platform and see whether upgrading is worthwhile, you might wish to start with one of the free levels.

The subscription membership offers real-time price quotations, backtesting, and an ad-free experience, which may entice some investors to upgrade.

  1. Free

The finviz screener and charting tools are available to everyone. Your email address is not required, but you are unable to track your portfolio or save previous screens. This is not usual as many platforms seek your contact information to promote high-end goods.

Standard characteristics consist of:

  • Delayed streaming, charting, and quotations
  • Groups and finviz map are three to five minutes behind schedule.
  • Statements available for three years
  • Page-by-page screening rows (20 tables, 36 charts, 10 pictures)
  1. Elite

Its premium tier, Elite, is best suited for regular traders and those who desire complete program access. It will cost you $39.50 per month or $299.50 annually, which works out to $24.96 each month.

For both subscription plans, upfront payment is required; however, you are eligible for a full refund within the first thirty days. Therefore, make advantage of the first month to explore the platform.

Standard characteristics consist of:

  • Quotes for stocks in real time, with premarket and postmarket data included.
  • sophisticated charts (full-screen layouts, sketching tools, overlays, and intraday data).
  • Advanced Screener (statistics display, configurable filters, data export).
  • Relationships: (Selected stocks and ETFs) with positive and adverse correlations.
  • Backtesting using 100 technical indicators and 24 years of historical data.
  • notifications and alerts (push notifications and instant emails).
  • Financial disclosures spanning eight years (compared to three years for registered consumers).
  • 100 portfolios maximum (registered users are limited to 50 portfolios).
  • 500 tickers maximum per portfolio (registered users only get 50 tickers).

In conclusion

FinViz is a market leader in the United States, providing a wide range of services including portfolio management and stock screening. It stands out because to its open access, comprehensive content, and user-friendly layout.

However, disadvantages like restricted coverage of non-US stocks and video commercials should be taken into account. With its premium features and affordable price, Elite serves serious traders looking for real-time data and sophisticated analytics.

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