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A Complete Guide On How To Use Pix wox

Pix wox is a bizarre application for browsing Instagram stories, studying people’s updates, and rapidly downloading them. 

Ever sought to watch someone else’s Instagram Story in clandestine? Yes, many of us want to see someone’s Instagram profile covertly. Everybody has contemplated secretly stalking someone at some point in their lives, whether it’s an adversary, an ex-boyfriend, or big shot you have a significant crush on. 

Miserably, Instagram takes note of your profile opinions of someone else’s story. However, there is a way to access it indiscernibly by visiting a website operated by a tertiary party. Everything regarding the Pixwox request will be covered in this post. If you want to browse besides download someone’s Instagram stories anonymously then this application resolve help you. 

Pix wox: what is it? 

Using Pix wox for the Instagram app, you may enlarge besides save a high-resolution version of a user’s Instagram profile picture. The software permits automatic Instagram picture, video, highlight, story, then highlight downloads.  

You may use this claim to save photos and videos and then repost them on your Instagram timeline or Instagram feed short of logging into your Instagram account. By looking up the shapes of their friends or favorite musicians, workers can peruse Instagram hashtags besides account data. 

Well with Pix wox software, you can take your favorite pictures or photos and repost them on your Instagram story thru original hashtags and captions. Excellent geographies of the Pix wox for Instagram and Repost App comprise the lack of a login requirement, the skill to download videos and photos in their entirety, the prompt download of stories, support for copy links, besides a sophisticated bubble service that averts you from switching between applications. By downloading numerous images and movies at once, you can also except time. 


Steps to view and download Instagram stories with the help of pix wox

There are about steps given below that can help you to absorb how you can view and download someone’s Instagram video or level. 

Step 1: The Instagram account’s username whose level or video you want to see would be copied.   

Step 2: Open the Pix wox website using somewhat web browser of your choice. Exceptional browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, besides Edge. JavaScript must be enabled for it to meaning.

Step 3: Enter the username of that person whose story or video you famine to download or see in the supplied input field, before click the search button.  

Step 4: All of the stories will be composed and processed by the Pix wox app earlier being shown to you. Visit the posts page if you only hunger to read and download the posts. 

Step 5: There is a “DOWNLOAD” link positioned beneath each of the stories that are exhibited. You can begin the download right now by ticking the link. The stepladders for downloading post videos and photographs are the identical as well. 


We hope that this article resolve assist you undoubtedly to find the rewards and disadvantages of using Pix wox software as fine as the steps of downloading and watching someone’s Instagram story.

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