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99math : The Ultimate Multiplayer Math Challenge for Students

Students may play the math game online with other players to practice competition skills and participate in worldwide contests. It is not only amusing but also improves the child’s learning abilities and may be performed live in the school. Based on the skills of their students, teachers may select different game difficulty levels to provide their pupils a more engaging experience. This comprehensive guide will cover the 99math game and how it aids in children’s understanding of basic math topics.

About 99math

99math is a multiplayer trivia game that may be accessed via its own website. The Estonian company created this amazing game primarily with the intention of enhancing students’ mathematics skills.

Teachers can also provide assessment tests by adding up the scores and determining which student answered the questions most accurately. Three rounds make up a single gaming session, during which teachers can assess student performance and provide awards to the winners.

Features Of 99math

Many excellent elements have been added to the game by the creators in order to improve both the gaming experience and study skills. As a result, there are significant benefits for both instructors and pupils. The section below provides explanations for a handful of them.

  • Simple to Use: We said in the previous part that it is compatible with all devices. Its very user-friendly interface, which allows you to register accounts and take part in competitions, is another fantastic feature.
  • Customizable Difficulty: The main goals of the game are to assess students’ knowledge and evaluate how well they performed in this topic. All students are not create equal.
  • Enhanced Evaluation: It provides teachers with a straightforward way to assess students’ performance through use of metrics and scores that are shown on an extensive dashboardIn the event that many people participate, the winner can be determined by tallying the real responses. However, a student is limited to one type of play.
  • Engaging Experience: Its many built-in features provide teachers and students with a very engaging experience. Students may play this game while they sleep in their bedrooms or even in the classroom thanks to remote technology.

How To join 99mathGame?

In the section below, we’ve described how to play the game on a laptop or PC. Following your visit to the official website 99math.com, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Create an Account

The main website has a Sign-Up feature. A new page including the options for students, instructors, and parents will display when you press it. You may create your account by selecting the relevant category. The website has three options, so 99math join is quite easy.

  • With google account : When you select this option, 99math login will automatically extract the data if you have a Google Account.
  • With Email Account: To establish an account if you’re not a Google user, enter your password and add a customized email address. Further, add the First and Last name.
  • With Clever: It is highly advise to sign up for 99math with Clever when setting up student accounts. Clever is an internet-based platform that securely retrieves and imports student data into the game from the data of a certain school.
  1. Verify The Account

You will receive a confirmation link when you sign up using your email address. In order to activate your account, click the link.

  1. Select The Topics

Selecting the subjects your children or students will compete on after the account has validated is the next step. It is also possible to change the level of difficulty. Fascinatingly, you can always change it to increase the level of competition.

  1. Decide The Competition Category

99math is a customizable quiz game that allows for multiplayer competition. There are three primary modes of competition:

  • Solo Game: You may use this mode to assess your child’s or a specific student’s abilities. There are three sessions in the game. As a result, you can evaluate the player’s skill level and advantages.
  • Live Game: You may create a special URL that you can distribute to every player in the live game types. The game may then started, and you can record each student’s performance to find out who won. In addition to virtual classes, this mode may used in the classroom.
  • Class vs Class Game: This game mode pits two classes of the same grade against one another to see which class has the smartest kids overall.
  1. Results Evaluation

After the game, the teachers will get each student’s responses. Students can evaluate both correct and wrong replies to gauge their performance. On the other hand, the participants can request the results and see them on their screens for further examination.

Benefits of 99math

The intense amusement offered by 99math game complements the educational experience. Benefits can distributed to instructors and students based on their respective scales. A few of these are covered in the subsection below.


It is especially made for children who struggle with math. They will benefit from the following from this game:

  • Enhance their abilities to compete
  • expand on their understanding of the topic
  • Assess their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Accomplish the assignments within the allotted time.


The game offers major benefits to instructors as well. A few of them are listed below:

  • Increase student engagement more successfully
  • Give the lectures at a convenient time.
  • Increase their influence on the pupils
  • Analyze the pupils’ shortcomings conveniently and work with them to improve.

99math Alternatives 

The following list of additional websites and applications might help students practice their mathematics skills:

  • Khan Academy: Offering complimentary lessons on many topics, Khan Academy is a nonprofit educational institution.
  • IXL: This website helps kids learn arithmetic by offering 10,000 math concepts along with engaging exercises that resemble games to keep students interested and engaged. 
  • Sumdog: This math gaming platform aims to replace the Common Core State Standards with games, puzzles, and challenges.


These are all the specifics on 99math and the advantages of using this excellent math practice game in the classroom. To sum up, the quiz game has a lot of amazing features and game types. For example, students may test their competitive and mathematical abilities by playing the live game with others in a multi-round gaming session.

Additionally, the stimulating experience aids teachers in carefully assessing students’ performance and selecting the most effective teaching methods. That’s what this guide is about. Watch this space for updates!

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